Juno Active Client Case Study

As we grew over the years, we had ended up creating a patchwork of disparate point solutions which was a serious drag on the business. Today, we're focused on driving both revenues and profitability; we wanted one integrated solution that could handle all aspects of our business. We chose GoECart 360, because it was powerful, easily implemented, fully integrated and intuitive for our users. Anne Kelly, CEO at JunoActive.com


Apparel and Accessories


GoECart 360


  • Consolidated from four point legacy systems to one fullyintegrated and easily scalable solution
  • Replaced Ecometry OMS in 36 days with zero downtime and no loss of historical data
  • Ecommerce website conversion rate skyrocketed by whopping 26% in 2014
  • Revenues grew by 24% over last year
  • Average order value up 22% after GoECart 360 implementation
  • Improved team productivity and back office efficiency


  • Multi-brand multi-site platform with site level flexibility and easy centralized management
  • Best-in-class mobile commerce capabilities without admin overhead
  • Rich customer experience with the right mash up of user-generated content (social, video, blog, etc.) and commerce
  • Accurate inventory and warehousing control across all channels
  • Customer-specific wholesale and retail catalogs, pricing, discounts, shipping and taxes
  • High performance & scalability during peak season with 10x normal traffic
  • Google Trusted Stores and Shoefitr Integration
  • Better support for international sales via GlobalShopex Integration
  • Superior online fraud management and prevention tools