B2B Ecommerce Take Your B2B Ecommerce Endeavors to New Heights

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Get down to the business of lively, world-class B2B ecommerce. Get all the features required to support your industrial-strength B2B ecommerce initiatives. Tailor order and inventory management to the way you do business with customers and suppliers. Create custom B2B and B2C catalogs. Deliver customer specific pricing, price tiers, volume pricing, customer specific catalogs. Integrate with your partners’ systems, automate the order process, and offer special promotions. Foster loyalty and nurture B2B relationships.

Get the Most Robust Inventory and Order Management Capabilities Around

Benefit from years of development on scores of inventory and order management features. Manage B2B operations more effectively via our intuitive Admin Panel. Leverage a wide range of options to optimize the display of your products on the storefront. Display short and long product descriptions. Offer multiple product images and options. Group products and offer them as part of a bundle or kit. Group multiple products under a single SKU. Cross-sell or up-sell related products to your B2B customers. Set and automate in-stock inventory quantities with ease.

Set Complex Pricing Schemes

Create customer specific pricing, tiered pricing, and volume pricing. Combine multiple pricing schemes with other promotions. Delight your business-to-business customers. Give quantity discounts. Set price breaks for wholesalers who are buying products in bulk. Accept purchase orders and create custom payment methods. Accept multiple forms of currency on your site if you are working with international companies.

Deliver a Private Label Experience To Your Best Customers

Give your B2B storefront a personal touch. Create unique customer groups to offer discounts to one or more classes of special customers. Allow VIP customers to browse specific groups of products based on their profile or preferences. Let them view their special pricing alongside standard pricing to further entice orders. Offer stacked and tiered discounts using multiple discount and promotional offers. Manage customers groups in bulk. Hide special products and make them visible to certain users when they are logged in.

Exercise Several Enterprise-Class Shipping Options

Leverage our real-time integration with UPS Online Tools®, FedEx®, DHL®, and USPS® to deliver big to B2B customers.. Calculate shipping costs seamlessly and automatically. Create custom shipping methods and options according to your business model. Integrate specialized shipping requirements, such as charges for orders over 150 lbs, simple boxing, and maximum weight per box. Split shipments automatically when needed and calculate shipping costs accordingly. Give business-to-business customers special treatment; make them tax exempt or apply a fixed tax rate to their orders irrespective of the order shipping address. Enjoy full support for UPS Online® Tools, Endicia (USPS) and Con-way LTL Freight integration. Set default shipping options to promote your preferred carrier.

Comply with Sales and Use Tax Requirements to Protect Your B2B Investment

Calculate sales tax precisely and automatically. Configure GoECart to collect taxes for all applicable tax jurisdictions. Provide automatic tax calculations. Configure taxes by state. Apply tax by zip code. Apply tax by city. Apply tax by county level. Create custom tax charges. The GoECart ecommerce platform is enhanced by Avalara™ technology to ensure accuracy and compliance. Leverage AvaTax OnDemand's transaction-based service model to enjoy seamless access to all jurisdiction assignments and real-time sales tax calculations. Use AvaTax's cutting-edge technologies and superior processing logic to manage even the most complicated tax issues, such as situs, nexus, tax tiers, tax holidays, exemptions, certificate management and product taxability rules.

Collaborate Effectively with Third-Party Vendors and Resellers

Experience true supply chain automation. Manage order fulfillment seamlessly when sourcing inventory from multiple vendors or shipping from multiple warehouses. Empower your B2B partners to sell on your site and control their own orders/products. Add new vendors quickly and assign products to them in accordance with real-world arrangements in place for inventory sourcing. Give vendors their own login credentials to a back-end vendor console. Let vendors view and manage orders for their products in real-time. Vendors can update the order status and inventory levels as well as manage shipping information and label generation.

Target Growth Opportunities Via Exceptional Reporting and Analytics

Get exceptional web analytics and dashboard reporting right out of the box. Filter search results, reports, and view listings for specific manufacturers. Ensure you have details for decision support at your finger tips on demand. Get the facts about B2B sales, items, inventory status, customers, orders, purchase orders and transactions. Or go a step further and leverage our integration with best in class analytics providers like Alertra, Google Analytics, NetTracker®, Omniture, Unica®, WebMetrics®. Impress partners, investors and other stakeholders of your online business with highly visual reports.

Manage B2B Inventory Data More Effectively

Import/export your existing product inventory data with ease. Use industry-standard, comma separated value (CSV) files or GoECart's XML application programming interface (API) to achieve the integration. Leverage data created using Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets or existing databases. Generate detailed inventory management reports via the Admin Panel. Get answers regarding the status of your inventory in real time.