B2B Multi-Channel Platform The Imperative of Using a B2B Unified Commerce Platform Today

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What is Unified Commerce?

Unified commerce is not just the latest buzzword, the newest way for software marketers to sell you omnichannel, multi-channel or ecommerce platforms. It's a completely different mindset, a more holistic vision of running your business. In omnichannel, you have multiple channels, but you may not have a B2B unified commerce platform, you may not have one piece of software that offers one version of the truth: what most B2B companies have are many versions of the truth, plucked from many applications and mixed in together to form a not quite cohesive whole.

In the unified commerce world, if you're using a true unified commerce platform, it's all connected in real time. And that's not just the Web side, but the mobile side, the Web side and the brick and mortal store side-along with all important back-office functions such as inventory management and order management - all connected, all in real time.

Why Do I Need All This Capability For My B2B Business?

It's this simple: your B2B customers are B2C customers at home, and they are coming to expect the functionality of a B2B multichannel platform with the same level of unified commerce capabilities from their business suppliers as they're seeing in their favorite consumer brands.

We all know that the Millenials, and even the Baby Boomers, expect and demand a certain level of multi-channel service and accessibility from their providers. And by 2017, the highly-educated and tech-savvy Generation Y will have more spending power and influence than any other generation. They will be even tougher to please. As customers, they interact and demand more with their brands than any previous generation. They too, will expect the same levels of service in their business purchasing as they demand in their consumer purchasing.

Don't forget, Millenials and Gen Y-ers are cyber natives: they grew up with social media and tweeting and texting. The successful business leaders emerging today and tomorrow expect complete B2B multichannel platform sales and services support from suppliers of all sizes. Smaller B2B providers that have a brick and mortar presence must find a way to connect their in store Point of Sale systems with the ecommerce website. Customers today want to buy over the channel of their choice, or choose to receive service just as easily via a tweet as speaking with an associate in the call center.

What You Need To Conduct Truly Unified Commerce

Today's B2B business needs an omnichannel ecommerce platform, that combines mobile-optimized ecommerce storefront technology with enterprise-class order management and inventory management, fulfillment and warehouse management, customer relationship management (CRM), Point of Sale capabilities and much more. By leveraging our unified commerce platform, B2B companies are able to consolidate systems, streamline operations, get better information to make decisions, and maximize revenues.

GoECart 360 offers comprehensive technology solutions that give SMB clients a competitive edge, and the thought leadership and expert professional services needed to ensure rapid implementation while keeping clients at the forefront of unified commerce.

Key Features of GoECart 360:

  • Award winning Ecommerce Platform
  • Multi-Channel Order Management System
  • Advanced Inventory Management & Warehouse Management
  • Seamless Integration with Leading Online Marketplaces
  • In-Store POSn
  • Mobile Optimized Experience