Goode Company Client Case Study

GoECart is more than just a software vendor to us. They are innovators and problem solvers. They thrive under pressure and complexity. It’s rare to find such a combination of technology talent and business acumen. GoECart has quickly become our trusted ecommerce advisor. They deliver on-time, within budget and with incredible passion and leadership. They are the true professionals! Rudy Fernandez, CFO at Goode Company


Restaurant Chain & Online Retailer


GoECart 360


  • Bounce rate down 40% and pages per session up 26%
  • Ecommerce conversion up 52% during the 2014 holiday season
  • Revenues up double digits in 2015 over last year
  • Improved back office functionality drove productivity up by 50%
  • Took more orders in the 2014 holiday season with half the staff
  • Average Order Value (AOV) ramped up 11%


  • Allow Customers to send gifts to multiple recipients via a single 1-page checkout interface.
  • Pre-emptive address verification during checkout to eliminate bad deliveries
  • Allow CSRs to process large multi-destination orders with one easy-to-use spreadsheet with consolidated invoicing and shipping notifications.
  • Greeting cards with preview, gift note personalization and gift wrap
  • Delivery date calendar control with color coded shipping options based on delivery zip code, inventory availability and location
  • Preferred delivery date selector including Saturday delivery. System should reverse-compute the fulfillment date based on shipping service selected
  • Support for product kits, bundles and maximum time in transit
  • Integrated ecommerce, CRM, order management, drop-shipping and fulfillment