Merchandising Show the Right Products to the Right People at the Right Time

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Cross Sell and Up Sell Related Items

Cross sell and up sell products. Suggest products to customers based on relationships defined by the site administrator. Show related items below the customer shopping cart or display them in other key areas on the storefront. Boost average order value (AOV) and conversions by displaying related items based on a sort order that is computed automatically via an intelligent algorithm. Increase sales. Offer products as part of a bundle or kit. Display custom marketing messages in the shopping cart to build trust and further cross sell and up sell specific products.

Integrate Rich Media into the Product Display

Enhance the shopping experience with streaming media. Bring your brand, products and services to life in new ways. Breathe life into dull static text and images. Make your products jump off the page with streaming video. Offer video and/or audio descriptions of products. Compliment web page text with strategic selling. Utilize streaming media to capture your audience's attention and focus on the aspects of your product that will generate a sale. Showcase product features and communicate benefits more effectively. Make the video experience viral by pushing videos to affiliate sites, social networks and video-sharing destinations.

Make Product Images Jump off the Page with ImageZoom™

Make your product images pop with GoECart's new ImageZoom™ technology or leverage advanced rich media technologies from Adobe Scene7. Make any image zoomable. Publish images easily in zoomable format. Customers can then zoom and pan over product images to get up, close and personal with the details. Provide a more interactive product experience. Offer product image zooming capability seen on the biggest ecommerce sites.

Create and Implement the Right Discounts and Sales Promotions

Give your customers one more reason to buy from you instead of your competitors. Apply discounts on your merchandise at the order or item level with our enterprise-class discount engine. Drive more sales by engaging your customers via several different types of promotions. Give a percentage off the order total (e.g., save 10% on orders over $100). Give a dollar amount off of a total purchase for some products (e.g., offer a $50 rebate on a specific watch) or on an entire product category (e.g., get a $100 rebate on the purchase of any flat screen TV). Offer customers free shipping, companion discounts (e.g., buy one get the second half off), and tiered discounts (by one, get the second at N% off, buy two, get the third at N% off, etc.). Associate a free gift with specific customer orders. Start offering similar types of discounts seen on the biggest retail sites like BestBuy® and®!

Get Advanced Support for Selling Personalized Goods

Offer a rich interactive shopping experience for personalized goods. Let customers customize their orders with specifics like size, shape, color or engraving text. Show images and icons in product option drop downs instead of boring plain text. Restrict options and settings based on availability and your business model. Opt to pop-up a special window displaying these options using our smart hyperlink capability. Display item images and captions in the window and allow for selection of the desired option items right from the pop up window. Opt to use custom pages to display related content or other instructions.

Create Custom Landing Pages and Micro Sites or Fully Branded Multi-Site for Higher Impact

Make any category page look like a custom-branded micro site with its own unique header and custom navigation. Direct targeted prospects and visitors from marketing campaigns to the custom category landing page for higher impact and conversion. No need to create disconnected micro sites that take too long to construct, cost a lot, and add to operational headaches. For even more granular control and impact, create multiple branded storefronts connected to the central back office. Marketers rejoice!