Advanced Customer Groups Create Limitless Selling Opportunities via Customer Segmentation

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Partition your customer base into groups of individuals who share common characteristics. Reap the benefits of advanced customer segmentation.

Personalize the Buying Experience

Use Advanced Customer Groups to create unique classes of customers. Create categories such as "wholesale", "retail", "high-end purchasers," "routine product buyers," or "repeat customers."

Assign customers to groups, ideal for assinging special wholesale pricing.

Make Special Customers Feel Extra Special

Reward your best customers. Design special pricing and ordering policies for each group. Provide incentives. Offer discounts based on frequency, type, or quantity of goods purchased.

Break Free of Expensive Custom Programming Requirements

Create groups, assign customers, and manage all functions of customer groups using GoECart's web-based, point-and-click interface. Do so without expensive programming or custom development work. Add unlimited number of groups and associate unlimited customers to a single group. GoECart never limits the size or scale of your operation.

Create Unique Selling Models

Enjoy the endless possibilities Advanced Customer Groups can bring. Here are just a few examples:

  • Specify unique product pricing and associate it with a particular group. Create custom discounts and offer other specialized promotions to your best customers.
  • Specify minimum order quantities for products at the group level. Design ecommerce strategies for business-to-business (B2B) markets. Require special order quantities for each group. Require certain customers purchase materials in “lots” or in bulk.
  • Run your wholesale (B2B) and retail sites (B2C) using the same software. There's no need to create two disparate and disconnected sites. Reuse product content and share inventory and fulfillment across each channel site. Each customer sees their personal product catalog and individual pricing upon login.