CRM Increase Customer Loyalty Through Effective Relationship Management

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Interact better with your customers. Bond with them. Get to know them on a more personal level. Grow your business with an ecommerce solutions provider that understands that successful ecommerce is all about building and nurturing long-term relationships.

Manage Customer Relationships Better

Employ a holistic approach to CRM. Empower your employees with critical customer service information across the enterprise. Track and organize contacts with current and prospective customers. Leverage the built-in capabilities of the GoECart software to manage customer relationships better. Enter, store, and access vital information about customers and customer interactions between you and your staff on-demand with ease. Store customer details and communications in a highly secure database. Mine key performance indicators (KPI) to improve services provided to customers. Use customer contact information for targeted and personalized marketing campaigns.

Foster Stronger Customer Relationships with Rich Transactional Emails

Foster long-term relationships with your customers via effective email communications. Customize any and all emails sent via the storefront including Order Confirmation, Order Status Update Email, Shipping Notification, Post Order Follow Up, Post Order Survey, Request for Product Reviews and many others. Reinforce your store's brand. Craft custom messages to employ effective cross- and up- selling campaigns. Encourage future orders and sales-all while bonding with customers in a non-invasive way. Use subtle and soft sell/marketing techniques to build better relationships and increase sales.

Talk with (and Listen to) Your Customers In Real-time with LivePerson™ Live Chat Capability

Apply the best of brick and mortar merchandising customer service to your ecommerce storefront. Talk with your customers in real time using LivePerson's award-winning chat software on your storefront. Provide live, real-time customer service via a chat window, just in time to make the sale! Get detailed information about visitors as they shop on your site. Provide immediate answers to common product questions. Cross-sell and up sell complimentary products. Help visitors complete and submit orders to reduce shopping cart abandonment.

Build Loyalty with an Innovative Customer Rewards Points Program

Offer your customers the ability to participate in an award points program, similar to those that offered by the major credit card companies. Allow customers to earn rewards points as they purchase merchandise from your site. Configure rewards points as as percentage of order total using the Administration Panel. For example, a $100 order would assign a customer $5 in reward points if the percentage is set to 5%. Combine rewards points programs with custom discounts, gift certificates, and other promotions to deliver highly specialized incentive programs. Delight customers during checkout with a simple one-click redemption process to encourage order follow-through. Give customers another reason to make your GoECart store their preferred destination.

Treat International Customers with Special Care

Meet the demands of the internet's exploding international population. Treat the unique requirements for your international customers with kid gloves. Acknowledge the importance of the global economy to your future ecommerce strategy. Customize workflows to manage international prospects, customers, and suppliers according to international regulations. Connect with and serve foreign customers in a totally new way. Pay respect to the cultural differences among the international community.

Attract New Customers via Affiliate Programs and Leading Affiliate Networks

Experience the power of affiliate marketing. Get "pay-for-performance" revenue generation using this modern version of the "finders fee." Track and reward affiliates who introduce new customers to your store. Pay only when a new customer introduction results in a sale. Integrate this low-risk, high-reward strategy to your marketing mix. Leverage the most popular and trusted affiliate marketing channels for finding new customers, LinkShare and Commission Junction. Put the same affiliate programs to work for your online business that are the networks of choice for some of the best known brands in the world. Tap into their massive networks of quality leads. GoECart provides seamless and reliable technology integration with both of these industry-leading affiliate networks. Rely on us to get your affiliate programs off the ground quickly so you can start generating additional sales.

Consolidate and Personalize Email Communications

Stay in touch with your customers using our integrated email message center. Combine ecommerce operations with email. Track and respond to customer inquiries without leaving the Administration Panel. Give your customers the option to provide feedback from the storefront—then review consolidated responses from the administration panel. Leverage our rich integration with Google Analytics to segment and market to customers better via more personalized offers. Personalized and Targeted Email Campaigns produce the highest ROI of all marketing channels.

Get a Slew of Additional Features to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Give customers added piece of mind. Deliver your storefront via a highly secure and high-performing data center hosting environment. Detect and correct fraudulent transactions elegantly (reducing false positives). Offer a fast and easy checkout process. Reduce frustration with intuitive order status and history lookup so the customer always knows then answer the question "Where is my order?" the #1 customer service inquiry for online retailers. Win back lost customers by tracking, viewing and re-marketing to those who have abandoned their shopping carts on the storefront. Offer coupons, gift certificates and gift wrap to facilitate sales and customer satisfaction.