Personalization Drive Profits and Increase Conversions with a Personal Touch

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Heed the latest research from Forrester® which says that 77% of the shoppers not only found the personalized offers useful but 34% made a purchase based on those recommendations. Satisfy the demands of today's average online shopper who has been buying online for over seven years and is expecting more from your online store. Grow and solidify a base of engaged, happy-and ultimately loyal-customers.

Give Customers Memorable, Personal Experiences and Win Loyalty in Return

Engage customers in the shopping experience. Cater to their needs. Pamper them. Provide the best possible customer service. Greet customers on the home page with their name as seen on and other major sites. Provide a shopping cart that "remembers" them and intelligently pre-calculates their order total in the shopping cart based on their purchase history. Give customers access to leading third-party ecommerce solutions like LivePerson® and UPS Online® Tools. Trump the competition.

Show the Right Content in the Right Place at the Right Time

Create, manage and deliver real-time, rules-based, personalized online campaigns for websites, emails, blogs, affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, or mobile platforms. Deliver an ecommerce experience to your customers that is based on their unique preferences.

Utilize our Widget engine to display dynamic content to your visitors.

Implement a System that Remembers Your Customers

Returning customers are recognized and welcomed back to your store.

Give your return customers V.I.P. treatment. After all, they're the ones who will make or break your online business. Remember their details on the storefront so they won't have to enter them every time they shop. Recall their name, contact information, shipping address, and billing address. Give them the option to store their payment information. Reduce shopping cart abandonment; eliminate customer frustration that will surely come from duplicate data entry.

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment and Give Revenues a Boost

Encourage customers to follow through with their purchase once they arrive at the checkout counter. Head off the causes typically cited for shopping cart abandonment like, "no clarity on order total," "checkout was too long," or "didn't have enough time to complete the transaction." Offer customers a streamlined one-page checkout option. Provide a "Quick Shipping and Sales Tax Calculator" on the shopping cart page. Let customers calculate their final order amount up front, so they can make immediate buying decisions. Don't make customers login or register in order to see the final order total. Give customers reasons to feel good about the checkout process so they will buy more products and buy more often

Give Customers What they're Wishing For - Plus More!

Let customers add out-of-stock or unavailable items to their Wish List. Offer gift certificates and gift wrap. Allow customers to leave product feedback or comments at checkout. Offer a newsletter. Offer really simple syndication (RSS) news feeds to keep customers informed about your site changes. With GoECart, the options for providing a personalized experience and exemplary customer service go on and on.

Experience "Always-On" Ecommerce with a Persistent Shopping Cart

Offer a persistent shopping cart that never sleeps. Allow customers to add items to their own cart or wish list even when not logged in (similar to Let the system intelligently auto-merge shopping cart content. Delight customers by letting them return to the store any time to continue shopping without losing items in their cart, ever. Respect user privacy with multiple levels of security and achieve even higher levels of customer loyalty and satisfication