Social Media & Social Commerce Get Social! Strengthen Your Brand, Advance Customer Loyalty and Carve Out Profits

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Engage customers with the social media and networking features they are already using on leading web properties like Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, LinkedIn,, Digg,, and so many others. Upgrade your customers' trust by adding the same social media and social commerce tools to your site they are using right now all around the web.

Socialize Your Store and Reap the Benefits of the Social Web

Embed Facebook's wildly popular Like and Share buttons on every product page in your site. Give your customers the ability to Like your products and post them in a single click right to their personal Facebook profile page and their friends' news feed! Give your customers the ability to share your site's product pages with their friends via email, Twitter, and Google Buzz. Enable additional social media links to Blogger, MySpace, Digg, AIM Share, Stumbleupon, Messenger, and others with just a few clicks in GoECart's Admin Panel. Display icons and buttons to the major social networks prominently on your home, product, and other key pages to show your affiliation with the leading social networks and increase credibility.

Tap Customer Enthusiasm with Product Reviews and Ratings

Get your customers more involved in the ecommerce experience. Let them review and rate products on your storefront. Allow visitors to participate in an engaging way on your site. Build customer loyalty and improve site content through participation. Sell more merchandise based on authentic reviews from your existing customers. In a book authored by Forrester Research analysts analysts Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff, entitled Groundswell, the authors suggest that ratings and reviews placed front and center on your site allow you to tap into customer enthusiasm and "turn customers into powerful assets."

Create a Buzz and Build Community with a Blog

Add a blog to your storefront. Pave the road to profit while building brand awareness. Increase traffic. Attract new readers and convert them to customers. Promote your products and services the viral way. Let customers leave testimony to your service excellence. Publish fresh blog content to give the impression of an active and trusted ownership. Alleviate visitor fears by adding the credibility a corporate and personal expert blog can bring. Create and nurture a community of loyal fans who feel a sense of belonging. Mine customer blog entries to improve customer service and product recommendations. Become an expert in your field and influence the influencers. Extend your idea, brand, and overall business through your Blog

Tweet Your Customers with Updates about Your Store via RSS

Realize the benefits of Really Simple Syndication (RSS). Publish whole product lines as RSS feeds or "tweets" via Twitter. Automatically notify interested customers each time a new product is added to your site. Inform customers about other changes taking place on your site such as new arrivals, special limited time discounts or clearance sales. Increase exposure in niche markets. Establish yourself as an expert in your product offerings. Automate content delivery. Distribute content in a very cost effective manner. Syndicate your blog or tweets via RSS to keep customers engaged with your brand. Enable your customers opt in to learn more about specific areas of interest or simply follow you on Twitter. Incorporate text, images, audio (including podcasts) and video into the feeds for added impact.

Grow Your Customer Base with Social Bookmarking

Bring order to chaos! Give your customers the option to take old-school-style web browser bookmarks to an entirely new level. Promote use of social bookmarking to your customers. Get your online store listed in sites like digg™, Yahoo! Buzz, and and watch your traffic grow. Subscribe to the "popular sites" pages for the major social networks. Let your customers store and share your bookmarks with the world. Help your customers promote your site by encouraging them to list you in their shared bookmark list. Be social. Integrate social bookmarking easily into your GoECart storefront via AddThis, ShareThis, AddToAny or other similar widgets.

Dazzle Your Customers with Full Motion Video

Video is the new JPG. Wet the voracious consumer appetites for web video—as evident by a recent ComScore study noting that 134 million Americans watched 11.4 billion videos in a single month. This equates to more than two videos per user, per day! Capitalize on the popularity of media and social networking sites like YouTube, Hulu, MySpace TV, and LiveLeak. Sell more products and services by captivating the online consumer in the sales process. Leverage online retail video to bring products to life in a way that static images and text simply cannot. Sell with video to provide that final push a consumer needs to make a purchase. Or reduce customer service inquiries by providing step-by-step instructions on how to program that latest DVR. Allow customers to upload their own product videos and video testimonials and reviews to your site and extend their esperience.

Go Viral with Tell-A-Friend Functionality

Get your current customer base to spread the word about your site. Go viral with Tell-A-Friend functionality. Enable the option to add Tell-A-Friend links to all the product pages in your site easily right from the GoECart Admin Panel.

Accelerate Registration Conversion Rates On Your Site With Social Login

Omni-channel merchants should always be focused on removing obstacles their customers face on the path to purchase. One easy way to do that is to let potential customers register or sign-in to your site with the click of a button from any major social network, including Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn and Yahoo! With social login, your customers simply select their preferred social identity and click to register — with no forms to fill out, and one less password to remember. Your customers can choose to share all of the information from their social media profiles, while your company still maintains control of the amount of information normally needed to make a purchase. According to Janrain, social login has proven to improve registration conversion rates by at least 50%. GoECart 360 is fully integrated with Janrain to provide quick and easy social login capabilities for all of our customers.