Ecommerce Site Search High-Performance

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Boost Engagement and Conversions with a Smarter Site Search Solution

Empower your customers with in-store site search technology that lets them find relevant products in the most efficient manner. Offer fast, comprehensive and highly relevant search results. Provide all of the options available on the major ecommerce sites. Add innovative search capabilities to set yourself apart from your competitors. Research firm MarketingSherpa says go half of online shoppers go immediately to the search box when they arrive on your site. Give your customers the best possible in-store site search experience. Leverage GoECart's fast and intelligent product search capability.

Give Shoppers a Wide Range of Custom Search Options

Support 'any words', 'all words', and 'exact phrase' searches. Offer a full range of parametric search options. Let visitors define minimum and maximum price. Let shoppers include additional specifications like product size or weight in the search criteria. Optimize meta data easily to make searches highly relevant.

Eliminate Zero-Results Scenarios

Offer a spell check function that offers suggestions for misspelled search terms and auto-corrects them in many cases. Monitor search keywords and customer behavior patterns to address any search terms fetching zero results. Offer a focused search results landing page that never yields a dead end. Guide the visitors to relevant search queries using GoECart's AutoComplete keyword suggestions feature. Use results pages to cross-sell and up-sell related merchandise

Help Shoppers Find Their Products Faster with Guided Navigation

Provide customers parametric search capabilities with a powerful, super-fast search engine, highly relevant, pre-indexed results and a customized navigation hierarchy directly relevant to the items they searched for. Give them enterprise-class site search with guided navigation. Guide visitors to the most relevant products with a navigational hierarchy in the search results. Empower customers to refine search results based on marketer-defined product attributes such as categories, brand and price range. Sell moreā„¢ goods and services with this unique feature.

Drive Higher Conversions with Analytics-Driven Site Search

Analyze customer search results and optimize accordingly to drive higher conversions. Target specific search results to visitors. Manage relevancy and ranking. Use visitor behavior metrics to automatically boost results based on criteria such as conversion, popularity and more. Promote top performing products and content in SiteSearch results. Implement analytics-based performance metrics and get the scoop on conversions, revenues and page views. Get an on-site search engine that even integrates with Google Analytics.

Provide a Dynamic InStore Search Experience

Control and change the presentation of search results based on business rules. Present diverse search results separately on the search results page, allowing visitors to select their most relevant category of content.

Sell More with Content Spotlighting & Search Intelligence

Automatically spotlight searched keywords within the search results content as seen on Track search results pages to analyze visitor search behavior and determine which search terms drive sales for individual products, product lines and product categories.