Rich Media Give Your Site and Merchandise More Pizzazz with Rich Media

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Embellish product merchandising with web 2.0, multimedia, and rich dynamic imagery. Close the gap between physical and online shopping. Improve the user experience particularly when selling personalized goods or high-ticket items. Leverage the latest rich media technologies like Adobe® Scene7® to streamline production costs and outperform industry average conversion rates. Reduce browse-to-order time. Reduce customer service inquiries and returns because customers can get a better "picture" of what they are buying.

Build Customer Credibility with Streaming Media

Enhance the customer shopping experience with streaming media. Bring brands, products and services to life in new ways. Breathe life into dull static text and images. Make your products come to life with streaming video. Offer video and/or audio descriptions of products. Compliment web page text with strategic selling. Utilize streaming media to capture a shopper's attention. Lower browse till order time. Highlight on the aspects of your product that will generate a sale. Showcase product features and communicate benefits more effectively. Make the video experience viral by pushing videos to affiliate sites, social networks and video-sharing destinations

Provide a More Dynamic User Experience with Adobe® Scene 7 Integration

Provide a more interactive and engaging online shopping experience to your customers. Leverage the power of Adobe Scene 7 integration to implement solutions ranging from dynamic imaging, and online catalogs, to dynamic asset management. Cost-effectively add zooming, panning, and colorizing capabilities to your product information, even across tens of thousands of products. Get dynamic image re-sizing capabilities. Streamline production costs with Scene's cost effective development model.

Make Product Images Jump off the Page with ImageZoom™

Make your product images pop with GoECart's new ImageZoom technology. Make any image zoomable. Publish images easily in zoomable format. Customers can then zoom and pan over product images to get up, close and personal with the details. Provide a more interactive product experience. Offer product image zooming capability seen on the biggest ecommerce sites.

Offer a Highly Intuitive and User-Friendly Product Selection Tool

Customize the display of product information and allow your customers to shop in new and dynamic ways. Show images and icons in product option drop-downs. Include specific examples of product color, shape, size right in the section menu. Restrict options based on selection. Display pop-up Help or More Information hyperlinks next to product options. Manage extended product options in bulk via an import/export file. Display a "Click to Enlarge" button/pop-up window on item page to display thumbnails of all available large images. Enable product ratings and reviews.