Rich Transactional Emails Transform Your Service-Based Messages into Revenue Opportunities

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Gain a Competitive Advantage through Superior Customer Engagement

Transactional email offers the highest open and click-through rates of any type of email. However, most companies continue to send plain-text email with no branding or dynamic cross-sell offers. Let GoECart help you to put that call to action in your transactional email to gain a competitive advantage through superior customer engagement. Capitalize on the transactional email opportunity to generate significant incremental revenue. Reinforce your knowledge of existing customer relationships more effectively.

Reinforce Your Brand and Instill Consumer Confidence

Transform transactional email into an extension of your online shopping experience. Provide personalized, strategic communications for all activities stemming from the storefront using GoECart's transactional email capability. Develop effective, strategic emails for order confirmations, shipping notifications, warranty information, billing notices, and more. Increase brand affinity by embedding your site's familiar logo and design motif in all email communications.

Send Effective, Personalized Emails and Generate Significant Incremental Revenues

Offer a consistent brand identity across every customer touch point. Personalize your communication and build rapport by acknowledging your existing customer relationship. Dynamically include customer and order information-such as customer name, order date, order number, and shipment tracking information. Customize the messaging using your own text. Increase cross- and up-sell purchases based on current purchases, past purchase history or other real-time interactions.

Recover Lost Revenue from Incomplete Orders and Abandoned Shopping Carts

Employ rich transactional emails to contact customers who fail to follow through with a purchase. Re-market to customers who do not complete an order. Contact customers who abandon their shopping cart. Configure GoECart to track incomplete orders and automatically contact customers after a few days. Send email with the custom subject lines such as "Incomplete Order" or "You still have items in your shopping cart." Include instructions for order completion and contact information for customer service. Offer incentives to further entice customers to resubmit or complete abandoned orders. According to, incentives like discounts can improve email-to-sale conversions by as much as 263%.

Request Product Reviews for Recent Purchases

Invite customers to share their experience on your site. Build community. Encourage customers to rate and review products on the storefront. Leverage rich transactional emails to do so automatically. Set a timeframe after successful purchase to have GoECart automatically solicit customers for their feedback. Let your customers help other customers choose the best products on your site. Leverage transactional emails to generate a buzz about your products with little or no effort.

Proactively Reduce Customer Service Inquiries and Related Costs

Engage rich transactional emails to reiterate your commitment to customer service. Focus on highly effective and timely email communications for more cost effective customer support. Include contact information and options for online support at every turn. Make it easy for customers to communicate with you via email. Reduce customer service center volume by providing links to self-service areas on your site (such as order status and shipment tracking, returns handling, contact forms etc.). Respond to customer email inquiries quickly. Use GoECart's built-in CRM capabilities to help close the deal!

Stay Relevant and Deliver Timely Transactional Communications

Leverage current events to trigger custom marketing messages that match your products with what is happening in the customer's world. Hit the right customer with the right message at the right time. Deliver the same quality event-triggered marketing messages from GoECart as those generated from leading customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Leverage your own CRM data to help define messaging rules so you don't inadvertently promote something already owned by the customer. Capitalize on data from existing customer relationships. Ensure you meet customer expectations that you already know their unique preferences and interests. Give a major nod to relevancy to promote effective use of transactional email for marketing purposes.

Comply with CAN-SPAM to Ensure High Deliverability

Send 'mixed' transactional and marketing messages that comply with all provisions of the CAN-SPAM Act. Ensure subject line and placement of the transactional content adheres to both CAN-SPAM policies and industry best practices. Give special attention to the opt-out requirements. Rely on GoECart's experience to understand how opt-out requirements are different for marketing and transactional email. Tie in transactional notices or statements to your terms of service. Give customers an opportunity to change their terms of service in accordance with CAN-SPAM policies. Prevent customers from mistakenly identifying important transactional email messages as spam. Keep the messaging predominantly focused on the transaction. Leverage GoECart's non-restrictive architecture to develop transactional emails that comply with the latest standards.