Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Building lifelong customers through CRM in a Unified Commerce Platform

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Understanding Total Customer Value in an Omnichannel World

In today’s omnichannel retail environment, it’s no longer good enough to rely on the customer data you can pull from loyalty programs, or website transactions. Customers behave differently when purchasing through various channels. You need to pull all that information together, across channels, to discover the various paths to purchase your customers take. You need to understand those paths, and where they converge or divide. Every retailer must be, in part, a unified commerce customer relationship manager. It’s not as hard as it sounds. With an omnichannel CRM platform, total customer value can be assigned based on a holistic view, and not just by individual channel.

What Does Multichannel CRM mean?

Customer relationship management (CRM) encompasses the strategies and technologies used to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. CRM systems should be designed to compile information on customers across all channels, presenting one single version of the truth, and that’s what you get with the GoECart unified commerce CRM platform. In the unified commerce world, if you’re using a true unified commerce platform for CRM, it’s all connected in real time. And that’s not just the Web side, but the mobile side, marketplaces, and the brick and mortal store side — all connected, all in real time.

Why Do I Need All This CRM Capability For My Business?

With a Unified Commerce CRM Platform you’ll be able to:

  1. Quickly respond to consumer demands: Enabling organizational agility to effectively execute merchandising, marketing, promotional, and loyalty initiatives.
  2. Increase associate productivity: In addition to increased efficiency and lower costs, arming associates to enhance customer interaction and increase conversion.
  3. Support omnichannel strategy and execution: Providing the backbone to manage data and functionality related to customers, product, price, inventory, orders, and content across channels.
  4. Understand total customer value: With an omnichannel CRM platform you’ll have the one version of the truth you need to increase frequency and retention by tighter targeting and better recognition of loyal customers and the data close to hand to provide personalized and appropriate services across every touch point.

What GoECart 360 Does To Help You Conduct CRM with A Unified Commerce Platform

GoECart can help you energize your employees with critical customer service information. They’ll be able to track and organize contacts with customers across channels and leverage the built-in capabilities of the GoECart software to manage customer relationships in a holistic manner. Every associate will be able to mine key performance indicators (KPI) to improve services provided to customers.

Your marketing department will be able to access specific customer contact information for targeted and personalized marketing campaigns, or offer your customers the ability to participate in an award points program, similar to those that offered by the major credit card companies. Rich transactional emails strengthen the relationship with every purchase, and you’ll have the opportunity to win back lost customers by tracking, viewing and re-marketing to those who have abandoned their shopping carts on the storefront.