E-mail Marketing: Being Persuasive, Not Offensive

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    Reach customers with personalization for increased responses

      Online retailers and ecommerce executives have used countless tactics to increase sales through e-mail marketing campaigns. As an alternative to direct mail and other offline methods, e-mail is a simple and efficient way to reach prospects and deliver a core message. Still, the ever-expanding communications system on the web has materialized into offensive spam and overwhelming advertisements as well. When customers stop opening e-mails in fear of being targeted with spam, or even viruses, any campaign can quickly lose its value. Over time, this can also lead to the click of the unsubscribe button where the business loses contact of their prospect completely.

        A New Approach

          Persuasive e-mail marketing offers a new approach. Instead of sending out mass e-mails that can potentially upset potential buyers and site visitors, the art of delivering a centralized message becomes paramount. Persuasive e-mail marketing can help to increase response rates in multiple ways; the effort can encourage opening and clicking through to various parts of your site or product showcase and develop customer loyalty in the process.

            E-mail Lists Are Key

              Creating and growing a valuable e-mail list is an important part of this process. You can spend thousands of dollars collecting names and creating a database that has little impact; if you are not taking the steps to segment your customer list and organize it in a way to target specific groups, your efforts for sending out that e-mail blast may be fruitless. It’s important to remember that a targeted group, or niche audience, is much more likely to respond and appreciate your contact. When you tailor your message to focus on their specific needs, you are personalizing the message. This will reach them faster and with impact; over time, this can lead to customer loyalty and help build credibility for your company, brand, or products as well.

                When you are staging an e-mail marketing campaign that is event-driven, it is essential that the list is compiled effectively well in advance, and uses a trickling effect to deliver the message. This may involve a set of auto responders, or simply a series of consistent messages with the brand, logo, and underlying message pulled together in perfect balance. Staging an e-mail marketing campaign can help create ‘buzz’ for your idea, and sending this out to the right customer segment will further help generate interest.

                  Be Persuasive

                    Keeping the e-mail list growing may be as simple as offering a newsletter sign-up form immediately on the site visit, or including an area of each e-mail where the recipient can ‘forward to a friend.’ By increasing circulation and viewership of each of your communications pieces, you can begin to grow a strong customer base with very little effort. The power of community-building and developing a network is an essential part of your marketing campaign, and is even more important during the launch stages. These are almost automatic buzz generators and can help send out your message in more ways than a traditional method. Not only does this prevent alienation of specific groups, but you will have a larger set of customers waiting for news on a regular basis.

                      Track Your Results

                        Finally, be sure to integrate a comprehensives web site analytics program to best judge the effectiveness of each campaign. These statistics will help you see when and how your prospects are responding, and where the results are leading them. Are they going directly to the website? Are they clicking on specific product links? The only way you will be able to track this is by reviewing your analysis program week after week.

                          Be Persuasive!

                            E-mail marketing has evolved from a simple newsletter message to staged events and creative advertising. Online retailers can take advantage of many opportunities to reach prospects and customers with a carefully planned strategy; developing and retaining online customers involves personalization and understanding the customer’s core needs. While many people have become apprehensive over the value of e-mail as a way to reach prospects, persuasive e-mail marketing can be used effectively to build credibility for the company and increase response rates in the process.

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