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Online Shopping Destination Pricing Policy Notes

Comparison Shopping Engine
Registration is free. Merchants register through a Google e-mail (Gmail) account and upload products through a comma separated value (CSV) product data feed file.

Online Payment Processor
  • $10 bonus to consumers on orders over $30 at participating Google Checkout merchants.
  • Free processing for merchants until 2008.
Simple HTML and advanced XML integration methods are available for payment processing integration.

Comparison Shopping Engine
  • Uses a pay-per-performance model.
  • Listings are based on bids set.
  • Catalog is divided into various categories.
  • Minimum bids are set for each category.
Contact NexTag for details.

Comparison Shopping Engine
  • Registration is free.
  • Offers two types of accounts: Storefront and Merchant.
  • Storefront members pay commissions on each purchase directed to their site.
  • Merchant members pay for every click that comes to the store.
Members can update one product at a time; bulk update through CSV files is also available.

Comparison Shopping Engine
Members are charged pay-per-click (PPC) fees.

Online Marketplace
Members pay a fee (6% to 20%) for orders that come through Shop.com. Supports complex integration of your catalog.

Comparison Shopping Engine
  • Cost-per-click (CPC) rates start at only $ 0.05.
  • Min CPC varies for types of products listed.
Members must register and submit the products through feeds (CSV files).

Comparison Shopping Engine
  • Registration is free.
  • Members pay a minimum refundable deposit of $100 to get started.
  • Bid and decide CPC to get listed.
Products are updated through product feed (CSV files).

Comparison Shopping Engine
  • Register for free through Yahoo ID.
  • Pay-per-performance on cost-per-click basis for product inclusion.
Update products through Product Feed (CSV files).

Online Marketplace
  • Commission of 6% to 15% of the sales price, a per-transaction fee of $0.99, and a variable closing fee ranging from as low as $0.70 per item to several dollars per item.

Online Marketplace
  • On eBay.com listing / insertion fee ($0.20 – $4.80) plus percentage of sale (5.25% and up).
  • On eBay Stores, subscription fee ($15.95 to $499.95/month) plus listing fee plus percentage of sale (10% and up).

Online Payment Processor
  • Standard payment processing fees comparable to merchant account discount rates.

Online Marketplace
  • Sets a base price for its products which Sellers markup and sell. Does not accept Merchant base inventory.

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  • Russell Ruth says:

    GoECart offers complete end-to-end integration with Amazon.com. If you’re a merchant that’s new to Amazon, you’ll find it can be a powerful channel for sales. If you’re already selling on Amazon, GoECart’s integration will allow you to easily manage all of your products from your storefront.

    I highly recommend that every merchant at least explore selling on Amazon. Learn more here: https://www.goecart.com/shopping-feed-management-software/amazon-com-integration.aspx

  • Manish C says:

    GoECart offers Seamless, Automatic Integration

    Amazon has very strict API requirements for your product transaction feeds. With seamless, automatic integration, you won’t have to hire an expensive integration team for your site. We do all the work for you. This enables merchants to manage their GoECart storefront and the Amazon orders all by using one convenient and intuitive interface—no more switching back and forth and hoping that the information is the same in both places.

    Manage Your Amazon Sales Right from the GoECart Administration Panel

    You can register for Amazon integration right from your GoECart Administration Panel and you can start selling on Amazon.com in just minutes. Upload products and manage inventory levels and orders right from your GoECart store and list them from multiple Amazon.com categories (if your store is Amazon approved). Ensure Amazon is automatically updated with details of items you have available to sell and track the progress of your Amazon orders easily and from within GoECart’s Store Administration Panel. Set your own shipping, handling, and customer return policies for your Amazon.com products. Moreover, merchants can bundle with “Fulfillment by Amazon” to have Amazon pick, pack and ship your orders too. With double your options for strategically expanding your online presence, Amazon integration will help you Sell More™ with both sites.

    Convenient Payment Processing

    Amazon handles payment processing and there are no item listing fees. Even better, you only pay when your items sell. When you receive your orders, then ship them to buyers, Amazon will automatically deposit the net proceeds directly into your account every two weeks. With an accelerate time to market, get rapid integration into the Amazon platform and start selling on Amazon.com today!

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