Create an In-Store User Experience Using GoECart’s Adobe® Scene7® Integration

We have all heardAdobe Scene7 the phrase ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and it is well established that if you add images to your product pages, your conversion rate will significantly increase. However, today’s savvier online merchants are adding rich media to their sites— to both differentiate themselves from their competitors AND to present their products more effectively to site visitors.

In order to provide GoECart merchants with the best-in-class solution for visual merchandising, we haves partnered with the leader in online rich media, Adobe® Scene7®. Integration with Scene7 enables our online retailers to provide a more rich, immersive online experience that includes dynamic imaging, high-definition video streaming, online catalogs, , targeted email & print, dynamic asset management, and web-to-print capabilities.

Using Scene7 integration with GoECart, you can cost-effectively add zoom and colorizing capabilities to your entire site, even across tens of thousands of products. You also get dynamic image re-sizing capabilities to help streamline internal web production processes.

Dynamic Imaging

For online shoppers, ‘zooming in’ on product images is the equivalent of a physical store shopper picking up an item to take a closer look. You can accomplish a very similar scenario on your website by adding zoom targets to your product’s images and incorporating text tips as well. Online shoppers want to be provided with as much visual information in as large a viewing format as possible—including interactive zoom that enables shoppers to dynamically pan and zoom to deeper levels of details. Offering fly-over, click-driven browsing, combined with full-screen interactive zoom is the ideal best practice. Key features:

    • Rather than manually creating several images­—for example, a thumbnail and an enlarged-view image—you can take a single master image, and have all modified images generated as you request them, on the fly.
    • Easily scale rich media viewing across entire product line using a dynamic fully-configurable, integrated viewer – either embedded or in a pop-up.
    • Dynamic content sizing, editing, formatting and rich media viewing of content across all Web pages:
    • Single asset type viewers including single image zoom, image set zoom (alternative images and color ways), rollover driven zoom, 360-degree spin.
    • Mixed media viewing with combinations of asset types (images, videos, SWFs, spin, audio, etc.)
      • Easily configurable image hotspots for data-driven, formatted rollover panels with both text and image content for all eCatalog viewers
      • Integrate to any webpage using a simple data-driven URL.

Online Video

The single most effective method of selling products online is through video. Online video is the next best thing to being there— it comes as close as possible to bringing the retail shopping experience online. In a brick-and-mortar store setting, if a customer wants more information on a product, they ask a sales associate. Video is the online equivalent of an in-store sales associate; you can upload product demonstrations, point out key features, and basically help guide the shopping experience.

Scene7’s eVideo Streaming is an end-to-end, hosted web video publishing and streaming service that enables anyone to easily upload final videos in any format. You can convert to Flash format; manage, edit, create hot spots and video templates; and publish and stream into configurable video viewers—simplifying overall video workflows. Video sets and new ‘clickable video hotspots’ can augment the customer-facing experience—upping the time consumers spend online and consequently spiking conversion.

Key features:

      • Ability to upload all popular video and audio file formats.
      • Capability to add ‘clickable’ video hotspots to any Recut clip/caption/graphic to provide call-to-action links to purchase or for more relevant information.
      • A publishing model that is ideal for non-technical video publishers and eliminates multiple third-party solutions for same video workflow.
      • Standardizes on Flash for delivery to any channel.


Centralized interface

Scene7 features a centralized interface where you upload and store all your media files online in one, central password-protected interface. You can even give your vendors or distributors access so they can upload and download media directly.

GoECart merchants have seen both increased conversion rates and reductions in product returns through rich media integration. As an added bonus, GoECart merchants can integrate your rich media using the GoECart Scene7 integration into your Social Media Sites, Email Campaigns, YouTube Channels, and other digital assets your company has on the web. GoECart version 8.0 was designed to help merchants to Sell more™ on the web and compete in ecommerce markets that are rapidly maturing. We invite you to contact your GoECart account representative to get more information on how to take advantage of GoECart’s Scene7 integration.

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