Can Smaller Online Retailers Compete With The Biggies?

At the first of June, gave a full feature article to one of it’s own – Bridgeport Connecticut’s GoECart, the world’s first-ever all-in-one ecommerce suite. This new 360 app can now be used to replace smaller businesses’ (that book under $50M annually) multiple disjointed point systems with one single unified application. Last week GoECart’s 360 debuted at the huge Internet Retailer 2012 Conference and Exhibition in Chicago to critical acclaim.

    Rob Varnon, the journalist who interviewed GoECart, elaborated on GoECart 360, saying that this latest product was designed from the ground up for multi-channel merchants to manage their entire business with a single web based application. He focused on the ease of use and pricing, which makes GoECart-hosted SaaS solution truly unique.

      CTPost wrote that retailers no longer need to make any hardware, software or IT investments in order to begin using GoECart 360. It appears that the CEO, Manish Chowdhary, has launched this cool application at just the right time – in this economic downturn, small to medium sized retailers are hungry for an affordable, easy-to-use solution that can help them complete with the big box stores and other large players.

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