MyWeddingReceptionIdeas & GoECart – A Match Made in Heaven

MWRI - GoECart Case Study

GoECart’s latest case study is about (MWRI), a leading online destination for wedding and related merchandise. The site pledges exceptional customer service backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. But in recent years, the company experienced growing pains due to lack of supply chain automation and a reliance on manual processes to manage business and customer relationships.  The ecommerce storefront design, usability and personalization all needed updating and the company’s investment in SEO and social media needed to be preserved – all with an appropriate budget for an emerging brand.

    GoECart was able to deliver on all of these requirements and now, with its feature -rich ecommerce solution, complete site redesign and robust office tools, MWRI can successfully compete with the largest internet retailers ecommerce sites in the world.  Its highly personalized ecommerce storefront brings more sales more often; its rich transactional emails provide incremental sales; and an integrated supply chain improves customer satisfaction.  Plus, the search engine rankings are preserved by the implementation of GoECart Intelligent SEO best practices to ensure no negative site impact — and all of this was delivered within budget in less than 100 days. To read the full study, click here

      MWRI continues to expand its growing customer base.  CEO Ray Miller said, “GoECart ecommerce platform delivers the same rich set of personalization features and customer experience you would expect from the top interest sites, plus advanced supply chain automation on the backend. We couldn’t be more happy with our choice.”

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