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Hartford Business JournalManish Chowdhary, CEO of GoECart — the world’s first all-in-one ecommerce software for multi-channel retailers – today shared what the top five ecommerce trends are for 2012. “Ecommerce is slowly becoming omnipresent and seamless,” he explained. “When technology gets out of the way, everything becomes more omnipresent and seamless.

    His top five trends:

    • Multichannel commerce is becoming a big deal – today’s empowered consumer wants lots of choices and merchants need the ability to sell and service on their own websites as well as alternate channels like Amazon, eBay, etc.
    • Mobile is hot – it’s going to be a big holiday season for mobile and smart retailers cannot afford to be left behind.
    • Then there is Social Media and Networking – merchants are still struggling with it but are learning how to use it as an effective sales channel.
    • The fourth trend is local; customers want to locate items that are in stock close to them, pay for them online and pick them up in the store.
    • And the last huge trend: Analytics – these are becoming more important than ever because they help retailers attribute their sales to the correct channel, measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and prioritize their investments. “SMB retailers (Small Medium Business) need to get savvier in this department and use business analytics and intelligence tools that come bundled like the large companies do” said Chowdhary.

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