Turn Your Service-Based Transactional Emails into New Income Opportunities

Rich Transactional Email Capability
GoECart just announced new enhancements to its rich transactional email module so that online retailers can now transform their routine email messages into business opportunities. The idea is to enable retailers to engage their customers in stimulating ways while strengthening their brand.

    For example, look at GoECart merchant MyWeddingReceptionIdeas.com (MWRI). The team there uses this new feature to follow up with abandoned shopping cart customers. The functionality is automated, and their branded email messages say things like, “We noticed you left you some items in your shopping cart. Is there anything we can do to help you complete your online order?” This is a way to recover lost revenues from incomplete orders through attractive and branded emails!

      MWRI also uses this feature to encourage their customers to submit product reviews on the site and not surprisingly, the number of reviews has increased ten-fold. Other benefits have included reduced customer service calls, improved email deliverability and better organic search rankings.

        Today’s retailers need more from an ecommerce platform – they need an arsenal of tools to compete. GoECart’s 360 platform enables them to do everything from the software’s easy to use Administration Console, including creating, optimizing, and managing content, products, pricing, promotions, etc. In addition, email templates can be configured to dynamically include personalization information like customer name, relevant product recommendations, order date, order number, and shipment tracking information.

          Another exciting added benefit is the ability to couple the follow-up communication with special offers like free shipping. Incentives such as discounts can improve email-to-sale conversions by as much as 263%, according to research analysts at MarketingExperiments.com.

            Now, with the combination of a powerful ecommerce storefront with multi-channel order and inventory management, fulfillment, and CRM, retailers can also improve their transactional email offers with a number of opportunities for marketing and re-marketing. These include promotional selling, up-selling, cross-selling, and automated solicitations for product reviews.

              “GoECart ecommerce suite delivers the same rich transactional email capabilities that you’d get from a dedicated email service provider (ESP), but without any integration hassles or the hefty fees. The emails go out automatically behind the scenes like clockwork — it’s a beautiful thing,” said Ray Miller, CEO of MyWeddingReceptionIdeas.com.

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