5 Reasons Why Ecommerce Sites Need to Embrace Social Media

Some ecommerce sites still aren’t doing enough with social media to help their sales and marketing efforts. But what they don’t realize yet is how effective it can be for building their online businesses and increasing sales. If done correctly, it will guide your customers purchase decisions and give them an additional ways to engage with your company.

Here’s five reasons why you need to embrace social:

  • Free Website traffic
  • Customer Happiness
  • Visual Experience
  • Search Engines Love Social
  • Low Cost Marketing
    • Free Website Traffic: Being active on social media will allow you to drive more traffic to your site and individual product pages. That traffic can then be analyzed via your web stats to see how you are converting customers. The bottom line is if you aren’t fully utilizing social networks for promotion you are leaving free traffic on the table.

      Customer Happiness: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and the other social networks are awesome for connecting with your customers and making sure they are happy. Many sites now have a dedicated person to monitor their streams so they can respond to customer inquiries quickly. Those ecommerce sites that can make time to talk to their customers on social media will build a more loyal following.

      Visual Experience: There’s a reason why apps/sites like Instagram and Pinterest have taken off. The web is a visual medium. People respond to and retain pictures better than text. Show off your products with a picture and be sure to put your site’s URL/logo on each image.

      Search Engines Love Social: strive to build up your follower base by posting interesting images and content. The more followers & likes you get, the more re-tweets you generate, become cues for search engines like Google and Bing. Make sure your business has a Google Plus account as well since that can help you appear more often in Google results.

      Low Cost Marketing: perhaps the best reason for being on social media is that it’s all free! It just takes time. If you haven’t started your social strategy we recommend starting small with one or two sites and then integrate the others over time. The best sites to use are Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Google Plus.

      Do you have any success stories incorporating social into your site? Share them below!

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