eTail West 2014 Recap: Insights and Takeaways

Team GoECart is back from our adventure in Texas, where we were excited to be exhibitors at the annual eTail West 2014 event in San Antonio. It was a great opportunity to catch up with some of our clients and terrific to meet new faces!

    When we weren’t busy riding bulls or petting armadillos , we had the opportunity to attend some of the multitude of terrific presentations and insights that helped attendees drive ecommerce initiatives now and for years to come. This year, the buzz on the floor and in sessions was “customer service,” “omni-channel management,” and “analytics” – all topics near and dear to the GoECart service. We also had some great conversations with other attendees about their ecommerce success stories and some of the challenges they were facing.

      Here’s a few takeaways we brought back to GoECart headquarters:

        • Customer Service is an untapped resource: In today’s evolving ecommerce environment, companies can’t … and shouldn’t … view their customer service function as an expense. Brad Wolansky, President Direct to Consumer/CMO of Yankee Candle Company said that successful organizations are ones that flip the traditional customer service paradigm on its head – evolving from a focus on quick inbound call resolution to training customer service reps to deliver properly targeted brand and product messages. With the proper training in place to verse customer contact teams, inbound calls to tech support are, instead, revenue-generating sales opportunities.
        • Improving the customer experience through logistics: John Kelly of eBay Local spoke about enhancing the customer experience by discovering and acting upon the need for tailored order fulfillment – ensuring a customer’s order was received at a specific time and date – is a critical point of differentiation.
        • Take the time to identify the drivers in your business: In today’s omnichannel environment, one of the critical success factors is identifying and leveraging the drivers in a complex purchasing environment. Vicki Updike, President of Silver Star Brands and Lisa Gavale, President Direct and Marketing, Talbots, participated in a panel that highlighted many of the challenges in maintaining the customer experience across multiple devices, from search through fulfillment. Learning and acting on the drivers that impact your organization is critical.
        • Using an analytics platform that manages today’s multi-channel, multi-device world is critical: Eric Feinberg of Foresee detailed how analytics in a traditional, silo-encased methodology is a damper on success in today’s online environment. Taking analytics to the next step – utilizing predictive analytics, or using analytics to determine a prospect’s future performance based on their current behavior – is key to expediting growth in today’s ecommerce organization.

        If you missed us at eTail West, there’s always next time: you’ll get the chance to meet us at IR Focus, May 18-20 at the Javitz Center in New York and at the IRCE 2014 show in Chicago. If you’re planning to attend, please come by and say hello!

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