Infographic: Is Your Website Losing You Money?

UK hosting service CWCS recently published an extremely timely infographic exploring two critical challenges ecommerce merchants wrestle with every day: cart abandonment and engagement. It’s the yin and yang of success vs. lost revenue – and as detailed below, lost customers are rarely re-gained.

Key findings we found insightful include:

    • 56% of customers abandon carts due to unexpected costs.: That makes sense, nobody likes to be surprised – especially when it impacts the pocketbook. That means you, the ecommerce retailer, needs to be fully transparent during transactions.
    • Timing is critical, as 57% of online shoppers say they’ll abandon a page that takes more than three seconds to load.
    • Conversely, payment and personal security is critical, and having that right is key to increased engagement – and ultimately sales.
          Check out the infographic and please share any thoughts and experiences you’ve had based on the stats in the Comments section below!

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