GoECart’s Partnership with GlobalShopex Helps US Merchants Effortlessly Expand Worldwide

We’re very pleased to announce our new partnership with GlobalShopex. This partnership enables all our US-based customers to effortlessly expand their business internationally, as GlobalShopex now offers GoECart customers international, logistics, fraud prevention, customer service and more.

    “GlobalShopex makes it completely painless for our retailers to go global,” explains GoECart CEO Manish Chowdhary. “GlobalShopex’s international logistics features — like currency conversion, highly competitive shipping, worldwide customer service, and expertise on how to convert international traffic into sales — are sure to be a win-win for GoECart merchants and their customers alike.”

      It’s a fairly straightforward proposition for GoECart retailers: GlobalShopex services can make them a worldwide retailer, literally, with absolutely no impact on existing workflows. Retailers on the GoECart platform can now add an international checkout option to their shopping cart. GlobalShopex then handles the international checkout on behalf of the merchant and facilitates international shipping to locations in more than 200 countries and territories around the world.

        GlobalShopex can seamlessly provide GoECart retailers multilingual customer service, assuming all fraud risk and chargebacks on behalf of the US retailer while offering competitive shipping rates — all with a proven track record of high-quality service.

          “GlobalShopex made an instant impact to our business. By servicing the international site traffic we are adding revenue without additional promotional dollars,” says Tony Marrero, Director of SoccerPro.com and GoECart customer.

            Read the full press release here.

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