Juno® Active™ Revenues Skyrocket 24% with GoECart

Juno_Migration_Img and GoECartWe’re very happy anytime we can help a retailer grow their brand and their revenues by implementing GoECart 360. And of course, the retailers are happy as well. Anne Kelly, Founder and CEO of Juno Active explains why: “As we grew over the years, we had ended up creating a patchwork of disparate point solutions which was a serious drag on the business. Today, we’re focused on driving both revenues and profitability; we wanted one integrated solution that could handle all aspects of our business. We chose GoECart 360, because it was powerful, easily implemented, fully integrated and intuitive for our users.”

Juno Active was founded in 1995 when Kelly was having a hard time finding workout clothing, prompting her to start an apparel company that met the needs of the active plus size woman. Starting out as a mail order catalog company, Juno Active evolved into an e-commerce company with occasional mailings to customers. The company is very active in email marketing to keep customers informed of best offers and updates.

The company ended up with disparate legacy point solutions, including using on premise Ecometry software for order management, inventory and fulfillment, Taurus for reporting, Microsoft Excel for purchasing and a custom home-grown shopping cart. The solutions were not integrated, limited in their scope, and presented a variety of managing and reporting challenges. In particular, with over 5,000 SKUs, Juno Active wanted to move fulfillment in-house to gain better control over inventory and warehousing, increased reporting capabilities and advanced CRM functionality.

Juno Active chose GoECart 360 and our consultants were able to seamlessly consolidate the four legacy systems into our fully integrated and easily scalable solution. After the implementation Juno Active saw Ecommerce website conversion rate skyrocket by 26% in 2014, revenues grew by 24% over last year and average order value jump by 22%. And those aren’t the only benefits Kelly and her team realized after implementing GoECart 360. Read the full case study here. And then, go and check out the Juno Active website here, to see how intuitive and customer friendly your website can be with GoECart 360.

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