GoECart Connects You to Over 400 Million Shoppers On Amazon and eBay Today!

Imagine 400 million potential new customers looking at your products every day. With eBay reporting 152.3 million users, and Amazon with 250 million customers, your company needs to be selling through those channels. With GoECart 360’s built-in marketplace integration you can be selling on eBay and Amazon today. Additionally, you can instantly enjoy extraordinary support for all of the leading comparison shopping engines — Froogle / Google Base Product Search, Shopping.com, Yahoo Shopping, Shop.com, Shopzilla and more.

GoECart gives you the ability to pick and choose products you wish to sell on Amazon and eBay, and using our software gives you automatic compliance with Amazon’s stringent requirements for product transaction feeds. You can manage your GoECart storefront and your Amazon orders using one intuitive interface and synchronize products from your GoECart storefront with Amazon.com to sell on both sites simultaneously. At the same time import and process your eBay orders automagically using GoECart’s built-in enterprise-class order management system (OMS).

You can also automatically update Amazon and eBay with details of items you have available to sell, and track the progress of your orders easily and from GoECart’s Store Administration Panel. Amazon handles payment processing and there are no item listing fees. It’s simple: receive orders, ship them to buyers, and Amazon deposits net proceeds into your account every two weeks.

Some solutions help merchants manage their products, orders and inventory on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, but they still require merchants to have their own master product catalog and own order and inventory management systems. With GoECart, that’s all automated, integrated and ready to go out of the box.

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