Manish Chowdhary to Speak At The eTail West show in Palm Springs!

Manish Chowdhary, GoECart Founder and CEO, will be part of a panelist discussion at the eTail West show on Thursday, February 19th Palm Springs, CA. Entitled: Marketplace Panel Discussion: The Debate Continues: Pros, Cons and Pitfalls To Avoid, the session will feature Manish and other ecommerce visionaries discussing several top-of-mind issues for multichannel merchants.

Specifically, the panel will address questions such as the ones below facing retailers of all sizes:

  • What marketplaces do you participate in?
  • Why did you make the choice to use a marketplace?
  • Do you think the effort justified the return in terms of involvement?
  • How can you grow your business on marketplaces?
  • Was the marketplace what it was advertised to be?
  • In terms of advertising and brand presentation, do you find it time consuming?
  • Do you think you have enough control in these areas?

Manish will be joined by: Chris Vitale, VP Digital Operations and eCommerce, Pep Boys; David Gudai, CMO, Storkie Express, and Ian MacDonald, eCommerce Manager, Silver Star Brands.


Marketplaces are among the many ecommerce topics that Manish is uniquely qualified to address, as our company’s GoECart 360 gets etailers up and running on Amazon and eBay quickly and cost-effectively. Using our software gives you automatic compliance with Amazon’s stringent requirements for product transaction feeds. Manish lead our developers in offering pour customers the capabilities to manage GoECart storefronts and Amazon orders using one intuitive interface to sell on both sites simultaneously. At the same time, GoECart 360 customers can import and process eBay orders automagically using GoECart’s built-in enterprise-class order management system (OMS).

GoECart eTail West

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