Mobile friendly web pages to rank higher in Google

The folks at Google are making changes to their search algorithm so that pages which are optimized for Smartphone screens rank higher in search results. Ecommerce merchants should especially take note of this important upcoming change as it could greatly affect your sales.

ewam-mobileAt GoECart, we have already begun implementing mobile friendly designs that take advantage of these trends. From your Smartphone web browser go to Wholesale Accessory Market ( and browse their site to get a glimpse of our product in action.

In the past Google’s algorithm changes have been a surprise to many website owners but they have been warning signs for months that change is coming. Google says the change “will significantly impact search results on mobile devices.” Note that this does not include tablets since Google considers them another form of desktops.

The reason for the change is clear. Mobile is consuming web traffic and Google wants to make those searches a pleasant experience. Non mobile friendly web pages have the opposite effect.  According to the Google Webmaster blog, “users will find it easier to get relevant, high-quality search results that are optimized for their devices.”

For a site to be considered mobile friendly it must meet certain criteria such as readable text without zooming and content that sizes to fit the screen.

Thankfully GoECart 360 can help. To learn more just call our sales department at 877-243-3612 or check out our mobile friendly features page.

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