Top Challenges For Omni-channel Retailers In 2015

GoECart recently contributed to Frost & Sullivan Market Insight/Buyers’ Guide on Ecommerce Platforms for SMBs. That guide will be published soon, and we’ll be sure to let you know when it’s available. This is the 2nd post in our series of ecommerce stories here on the GoECart blog.


We’re always thinking about new ecommerce trends or challenges that will impact our customers and suggest new enhancements for our GoECart 360 end-to-end commerce solution for omni-channel retailers, and participating in the guide did crystallize our thoughts on some matters. Particularly, what are the top four challenges for SMB ecommerce retailers in 2015? Here‘s a brief overview of what we came up with:

  1. Cyber Security: 2014 saw many customer data breaches, especially with high-profile stores such as Target, Home Depot, Staples and Sears. Retailers need to work to improve their controls around data security and usage of data. This also needs to be balanced with a strategy to prevent online fraud, making it easier for users to identify themselves both as humans (as opposed to malicious software) and as individuals.
  2. Same Day, Next Day, and Free Shipping: Until recently, brick-and-mortar stores have had a strategic advantage over online stores—immediate fulfillment. However, shipping continues to get faster, easier and less expensive. The window of delivery has shrunk, as companies move to same day and even 30-minute delivery options for some products and services. Smaller merchants will need to find ways to compete with giants such as Amazon, who have a distinct advantage in this area.
  3. Advanced Personalization and Localization: Merchants need to think beyond the ability to simply suggest similar or “related” products at the time of purchase to actually tailoring a user’s shopping experience based on previous data. Similarly, retailers must allow their customers to move through different channels like buy online and pick up in store. Omni-channel retailers need to leverage new localization technologies like iBeacons and NFC to analyze consumer behaviors in store and online to offer a more personalized customer experience.
  4. International Sales. The number of legal and shipping hurdles required to sell internationally can make some smaller businesses hesitant to jump into the global market. These hurdles have largely been alleviated as more sophisticated ecommerce platforms like GoECart 360 have either partnered with companies that specialize in international commerce or have integrated capabilities that smooth the path to international commerce.

Find more about how GoECart can help you meet these challenges here.

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