’s New Multi-Site Ecommerce Platform Hits All The Goals for Big Scores!

As a multichannel merchant with brick and mortar stores, two customer facing retail sites and a wholesale call center, SoccerPro needs an omni-channel ecommerce platform where all customer touchpoints share and transfer information. And with the Google announcement that starting April 21, 2015, mobile-friendly websites would get more favorable search rankings, SoccerPro also realized it needed a mobile-optimized site to hit their goals.


GoECart, leaning heavily on its industry-leading multi-brand multi-site features, enabled the company to score quickly on their objectives. SoccerPro desired a fully integrated ecommerce solution that could tie in all its various sales channels and support its multi-brand business model approach, delivering the same functionality and sharing information between its and sites. And they needed to be able to deliver all that functionality on mobile devices, anytime, anywhere.

We were able to quickly create both uniquely branded sites using our elegant user interface and single back-office management console, while creating a custom user experience for each brand. SoccerPro and SoccerMaster now share GoECart’s powerful CRM functionality that supports single sign-on, social login, live chat, loyalty and customer rewards, and personalized transactional emails. They can offer unique merchandising promotions for their specific brands, while leveraging GoECart’s robust order and inventory/warehouse management systems to fully integrate their catalog, inventory, pricing and order information on the back end, thereby creating operational efficiencies.

We could go on writing about these sites, and listing features and functionality, but the real proof is in just how cool the new sites look, and just how easy they are to use on mobile devices. So, take a few minutes please, take your phone out of your pocket and type or into your mobile browser. See for yourself how smooth the functionality is, and how pleasant the user experience is…and remember that it’s all tied into the back end functionality that makes it a pleasant user experience for the business owners as well.




For more information on how GoECart can help your business take full advantage of the meteoric rise in mobile usage while shopping, manage multiple sites and brands, and to defend your business’ search engine ranking against Google’s algorithm changes, go here.

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