Replacing Legacy Solutions With A Unified Omni-Channel Commerce Platform Pays Off Big!

ID Stronghold had originally used Dydacomp Mail Order Manager for ecommerce, with a FoxPro backend. “We couldn’t access it remotely, and the site would crash during high traffic usage. Even just running a report during the day would crash the Web site,” explains Identity Stronghold CEO and Founder Walt Augustinowicz.”

“We knew we had to make a change to something that would support the volume even when we had huge spikes. When we knew we were going to have to switch, it looked like we were going to need multiple providers and applications, and then cobble all those applications together. Knowing we have one unified platform for ecommerce with GoECart 360 is a great comfort. We’ve never had one issue since we switched over to GoECart 360; even with the content delivery system GoECart later added, it hasn’t slowed down.”

Identity Stronghold also recently asked GoECart to make its site more mobile friendly, and the move paid off immediately. When comparing results from April 6 through April 20, 2015 to April 21 through May 5, 2015, in just two short weeks the tech company saw immediate, measurable results: Mobile traffic vaulted 10%, mobile conversions surged by 35% and mobile revenue soared 50%.

The company was founded when discussions started to surface about having a national ID card for all residents with an embedded RFID chip. The Federal Government initiated the first widespread use of chipped ID cards and mandated protection of all employee RFID cards with protective sleeves. In response. Augustinowicz developed the Secure Sleeve®, the world’s first RFID blocking product.

Before using GoECart, the company was using Dydacomp with a FoxPro back end, and the site would frequently crash. “Whenever we went on TV and did news show, traffic to the site would dramatically increase and it would crash,” explains Augustinowicz. “This cost us hundreds of potential sales. We needed a site that would keep on going when we had huge spikes.”

ID Stronghold’s site had not been mobile-ready prior to implementing GoECart, but is now fully mobile-accessible for both customers and users.  You’ve already seen the results of that move! “We find ourselves turning on more and more of the options available to us in GoECart,” says Augustinowicz. “GoECart already had all the capabilities built in before we even knew we needed them!”

In addition to news stories, ID Stronghold is frequently featured on QVC. “In the two years since we’ve implemented GoECart the site has not crashed one time, and we’ve never had one complaint from a customer – or me!” Augustinowicz happily reports. “We’ve had news stories about us that generated 20 million hits on YouTube, and even the resulting spike after that has not slowed the site down one bit.”

GoECart CEO, Manish Chowdhary, recently spoke with Walt Augustinowicz about becoming mobile-friendly, the benefits of an all-in-one omni-channel commerce solution, outsourcing IT and many more aspects of omni-channel commerce solutions for SMB business owners.

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For more information on how GoECart can help your business take full advantage of the meteoric rise in mobile usage while shopping, manage multiple sites and brands, and to defend your business’ search engine ranking against Google’s algorithm changes, go here.

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