MCommerce Upgrade Doubles Revenues for Horton Brasses!

Why should you optimize your business’ site for mobile? Because that’s where the money is going! According to a new forecast from Digi-Capital, The Mobile Internet Report Q1 2015, which analyzes 27 sectors across “mcommerce, consumer apps, advertising, enterprise mobility and wearables,” forecasts that mobile internet revenue will almost triple from $300 billion this year to $850 billion by 2018.

What happened when GoECart optimized Horton Brasses’ website for mobile? Well, in just two short weeks since GoECart made the site mobile friendly, mobile traffic vaulted 35%, mobile conversions surged by a staggering 197% and mobile revenue more than doubled, skyrocketing 235%.  It’s pretty hard to imagine a quicker, more impressive ROI on a tech upgrade.

Horton Brasses has been making brass Horton Brasses mobile screenshotand nickel hardware for 70 years, offering more than 1,000 different pieces of authentic reproduction cabinet and furniture hardware to B2B and B2C customers.  The company saw the opportunity to grow its business from the mobile commerce (mcommerce) side, and promised its customers “The same URL we’ve always had, but if you login from your phone it is a completely different set up — one that is friendly to small screens — no more pinch and zoom.”

GoECart promptly delivered on that promise. Although it had been a GoECart customer since 2013, it had not opted to optimize for mobile until May of 2015. The site, at, is now fully mobile-accessible for both customers and users, after a seamless and pain free implementation by GoECart personnel.

But you’ve already heard similar numbers about mcommerce growth, and you already know that your competitors are gearing up for mobile optimization or are mobile friendly today. Just take the time to open up the on your phone or tablet, browse through the site, and imagine you company receiving the same staggering ROI as Horton Brasses did. And then call on your friends at GoECart to get started on the road to fully optimized mcommerce.

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