Step Up To The Table And Get Your Slice of The Big Holiday Pie!

According to the IBM Commerce 8th Annual Online Retail Holiday Retail Readiness Report 2015:  “Your retail company has a huge opportunity to capitalize in the 2015 holiday season as online consumer spending continues to soar. Growth in ecommerce sales on U.S. retail websites has exceeded 10 percent each quarter over the past year, with growth at 16 percent in Q1 2015 year- over-year. Meanwhile, average order value (AOV) of about $124 in December 2014 was up 10 percent compared to two yearsholiday-ecommerce-performance earlier.”[i]

Has your ecommerce platform been optimized to help enable your omni-channel operation to grab your price of the ever expanding holiday revenues pie? Mobile optimization may be the one key piece towards improving your retail operations chance for success, as the IBM report asserts:  “Consumers may be spending more online, but they’re spending less time doing so.

IBM® Digital Analytics Benchmark data shows a pronounced decline over two years in such key consumer attention metrics as average session length, and page views and product views per session. Meanwhile, the single-page bounce rate and shopping cart abandonment rate reached new highs in the past year.”[ii]

Big Blue attributes this to increased mobile device usage: “Smartphones and tablets are prime catalysts behind these dramatic changes in online holiday shopping. As consumers increasingly hop across multiple devices in browsing, selection and purchasing, retailers are challenged to provide seamless omni- channel experiences and personalized marketing at the right time, over the right channel.”[iii]

Don’t be caught out in the cold as your competitors are slicing up the 2015 Holiday retail revenues pie. Companies like yours can optimize for mobile commerce (mcommerce) quickly and efficiently. Just take a quick look at some of the returns your fellow SMB retailers users are reporting after mobile optimization. There’s more than a few good stories here and several more here. Or just scroll down on this page and read a few of our blogs, and see how you can optimize your operations for the 2015 Holiday season quickly, easily and cost-efficiently.

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