The Google Mobilegeddon Was Just As Bad As We Had Feared

Google’s Mobilegeddon took a heavy toll on search ranking for sites that were not optimized for mobile usage, with an extra heavy hit on smaller companies, according to separate reports from Adobe, Ignition One and Stone Temple Consulting (the latter two are digital marketing firms).

The Wall Street Journal reported: “The report, from Adobe Systems, found that traffic to non-mobile-friendly websites from Google mobile searches fell 12% in the two months after the changes took effect April 21, relative to mobile-friendly sites. Adobe tracked traffic to more than 5,000 sites, which it divided into mobile-friendly and non-mobile-friendly. Ahead of the change, Google said it would favor sites that looked good on small screens, used bigger text and separated links so that they are easier to tap.”[i]

Smaller companies have struggled to keep up with the required mobile changes and were among those hit hardest by Mobilegeddon, Adobe said.[ii]

Stone Temple Consulting (STC) found that 15,220 non-mobile friendly sites lost their rank in search rankings, 8,698 non-mobile friendly site were replaced by mobile-friendly siutes on the search rankings, 2,002 new mobile-friendly URLS appeared in the STC rankings. STC explained its methodology:  “We pulled ranking data on the top 10 results for 15,235 search queries the week of April 17th (before the algo rollout), and again the week of May 18th. We pulled ranking information, and also identified whether or not the URLs in the results were designated as Mobile Friendly by Google or not.”[iii]

At GoECart, we saw all this coming. And some of our customers got out ahead of Mobilegeddon and have been enjoying the results of mobile optimizations. We even won an award for helping our customers get ready for Mobilegeddon.

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