Driving Loyalty and Revenue with Delivery Confirmation Email and Abandoned Shopping Cart Reminders

Send branded email messages in real time, keeping your customer informed of deliveries, abandoned shopping carts and more.  
Approximately $4 trillion worth of merchandise will be abandoned in online shopping carts this year, and about 63% of that is potentially recoverable by savvy online retailers, according to a report by Business Intelligence.

That’s quite a bit of money that retailers are leaving on the table. GoECart can help you further on your journey to becoming a “savvy online retailer” through the use of delivery confirmation emails, and other branded transactional emails that can help you move the revenue needle up every day.

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For example, we can enable your company to send delivery confirmation emails in a manner similar to Amazon’s email. They’ll arrive in your customers’ inboxes with your branding front and center, and not Fed Ex, USPS or some other delivery service. It’s all part of personalizing your communications and building loyalty by acknowledging your existing customer relationship. GoECart 360 enables you to easily and dynamically include customer and order information-such as customer name, order date, order number, and shipment tracking information. And it’s all easily customizable to reflect your branding and the customer’s personal history with your company.

And this works whether your customer is purchasing your product for themselves, or sending your product as a gift. Through GoECart built-in integration with leading shipping services’ APIs, you can provide your customers with peace of mind and clean closure to the gifting (or buying) process. Top gifting sites like www.HarryandDavid.com and www.Proflowers.com already have this feature in place, and it results in increased brand loyalty and customer satisfaction leading to more revenue and more repeat customers in the future.


Lessening the Impact of Abandoned Shopping Carts and Driving Revenue

Research shows over two out of three users who add items to their online shopping cart leave without making a purchase. The numbers are even worse on mobile where conversion rates are 70 percent lower than desktop.i

However, initial emails, sent three hours after a consumer abandons a cart, average a 40% open rate and a 20% click-through rate, according to the same Business Insider report referenced above. The industry observers feel “that an abandoned shopping cart should be seen as part of the increasingly complex series of steps a consumer might take before finally making a purchase and a strong indicator of consumer interest in a product or a brand.”ii

So, it follows logically that investing in technology that enable retailers to collect and leverage online shopping cart data can help your company retrieve some of those sales left in abandoned shopping carts. GoECart can help you re-market to customers who do not complete an order, by contacting customers via email who abandon their shopping carts. GoECart can track incomplete orders and automatically contact customers after a few days, or even just a few hours.
By sending branded email with the custom subject lines such as “Incomplete Order” or “You still have items in your shopping cart” and offering a discount, you can increase average order value expected by as much as 55%, according to a VWO eCommerce Survey. In fact, that same report shows that 72% of all people aged 25-34 were very likely to buy a product in abandoned carts if the goods were offered again at a discounted price.iii


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