What is Pokémon GO and Why You Should Care?

Pokémon GO Augmented Reality
Pokémon GO is the hottest new app. In less than a week after its launch on July 6th, it became the top free and top grossing app on both Android and iOS. It also surpassed Facebook in daily time spent on the platform.  Pokémon GO is a location-based, augmented reality mobile game. It allows players to catch a Pokémon, the fictional animal-like creatures, in the real world.



The app has been downloaded over 30 million times and has made over $35 million from in-app purchases. In its first week, it reached over 10 million downloads, which makes it the fastest growing app in history. Players consistently spend more time each day than on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram.


Unlike other apps and video games, this game can’t be played while lounging on a couch. In order to play and advance levels, users have to walk around searching for Pokémon and visit physical locations near them, called Pokéstops. This real-world interaction makes the game social by nature, something largely responsible for making the game as successful and viral as it now is.

Business Promoting its Pokéstops to Attract Pokémon GO Users

Business Promoting its Pokéstops to Attract Pokémon GO Users

Already, many businesses have capitalized on Pokémon GO and the quickly growing crowds of users. Some merchants promoted the fact that their businesses were randomly chosen as a Pokéstop – a location in the game, where users can collect items essential to the game. Others have dropped “lures”, an item in the game which attracts Pokémon, along with the large number of users looking for them. These developments have the potential to turn the fastest growing mobile game into a killer business app as well.


For business owners interested in learning more about how to drive sales using Pokemon Go, we will be hosting a webinar on August 4th. Please, register here and join us as we explore the business side of the world’s fastest growing app.

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