How Can Online Merchants Utilize Pokémon GO to Boost Sales

In less than a month, Pokémon Go has taken over the #1 spot as top-grossing game app. With more than 29 million players in the US alone, the game surpassed traditional platforms like Twitter and Facebook in the daily time spent.

The question many are asking is: Is this a temporary fad or is the game here to stay? The game developer, Niantic, announced plans for many additional features. Trading Pokémon, battling outside of gyms and new Pokémon will be added. For businesses looking to capitalize on the predictable foot traffic – the company is already experimenting with sponsored locations.

How can ecommerce retailers benefit from the game? If you only sell online, one way to take advantage of the Pokémon  craze, is to get creative. Here are some things you could do:


  1. Acknowledge your interest in Pokémon GO

If you can make it memorable and personable, you allow customers to relate to your brand and if they are Poke-players this can boost brand loyalty. A way to do this is by simply acknowledging the game, making a reference to it or adding any kind of Pokémon branding to your webstore. This is more of an engagement strategy than a sales one. The goal would be to keep your web-store visitors longer. You could use the Pokémon imagery to link to Calls To Action, for instance.

Pokeball Pop Up Screenshot


  1. Use social media to engage your customers

Pokémon players are wired in. For many, playing the game is just as important as talking about it on social media. This is where an online retailer can engage with players and get involved in the conversation. Asking relevant questions can create a dialogue that eventually drive more visitors to your site.

TopCashBack Screenshot



  1. Alter products or product names to utilize Pokémon Go

Another approach would be to leverage the game by carrying or selling Pokémon branded products. Almost any product may be customized to attract players, from hats and shirts to iPhone cases and keychains — anything that a Pokémon player could want to buy.

Pikachu Cups

  1. Create Pokémon related promotions

More than simply acknowledging the game, you can create Pokémon GO related promotions, send online coupons to your lead database or create a promo code that uses the word “Pokémon”. This is a fun way to reference the game and attract the attention of customers.

While you can use any of these strategies, we recommend combining as many as possible to really capitalize on the phenomenon. Let us know how you used Pokémon for your online business and we will share your success story!

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