FedEx® Integration Deliver the "World On Time" with GoECart's Robust FedEx® Integration

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Enjoy seamless, reliable integration with FedEx, the most widely recognized shipping provider in the world. Eliminate the challenge of managing separate ecommerce, logistics tracking, and shipping systems. Get outstanding GoECart software integration with online shipping tools based on FedEx's next-generation web services. Improve customer service. Automate repetitive tasks. Ship to any destination. Enjoy the extra time you'll save by dramatically streamlining the shipments of FedEx packages.

Generate FedEx Labels the Fast and Easy Way

Get out of the messy and error prone business of manual label generation. Take advantage of GoECart's robust FedEx integration to streamline your shipping operations. Print FedEx shipping labels and packing slips in real time by clicking a few buttons. Generate shipping labels on demand using the familiar GoECart Administration panel. No software to download or install. Print your labels then immediately paste them onto the package ready to be shipped. Get shipments in the hands of your customers faster.

Calculate Shipping Rates and Estimated Delivery Dates

Calculate real-time shipping rates for any available FedEx shipping method. Calculate shipping rates for international shipments originating in the U.S. or Canada. Seamlessly add Handling Fees to cover your labor and packaging costs. Select different shipping types and additional services like signature confirmation, Saturday delivery, package dimensions drop-off type, and ship date time. Calculate the account specific shipping rates before proceeding to generate the labels. If a specific service type is not selected, the system provides a list of all the services available along with their rates and estimated delivery date. Update the product quantity, weight and select the products that are being shipped for each package in a multi-step fulfillment process. Enjoy the added freedom to choose the shipping options and optional services before creating the labels.

Offer Package Tracking to Facilitate Customer Self Service

Give your customers the tools they can use to streamline your customer service operations. Provide tracking information to your customers so they can monitor the progress of shipments and the delivery schedule. Automate the issuance of tracking numbers for sales orders, invoices and customer records. Empower your customers with full tracking of and increased control over the entire shipping process. Let them view the delivery history of all packages in a shipment from the moment it is sent.

Make Voiding Out Shipments a Breeze

Get the functionality you need to void shipments right at your fingertips. If a customer cancels an order after the label is generated and before sending the shipment, you can easily cancel the order through this feature. Avoid erroneous shipping charges and keep your accountants smiling. Void shipping labels to avoid being billed for shipments you don't send!

Get Proactive FedEx Address Verification & Correction

Reduce errors and simplify the checkout process using integrated address validation for any shipping address in the U.S. Let the customers verify and correct the address at the time of order placement (like to ensure maximum accuracy. Enjoy automated-discovery of address type (commercial or residential) to help you choose the correct FedEx service type and delivery schedule. Save money and avoid customer frustration.

Deliver the World on Time - Online

Go with proven leaders in ecommerce and online shipping. Go with a worldwide network of companies that share a rich heritage of innovation and industry leadership. Go with GoECart and FedEx. Leverage all of the popular FedEx services you've enjoyed in the offline world, including Priority Overnight, Standard Overnight, FedEx 2 Day, FedEx Ground, and Ground Home Delivery. Simply Register on, key in the account and license information received from FedEx into GoECart, and you are ready to generate your shipping labels.

To learn more about adding the convenience of on-the-fly FedEx label generation feature to your GoECart-powered store, please contact your GoECart Sales Representative at (877)-243-3612 (Toll Free). .