MaxMind® Integration Experience A Smarter Approach to Credit Card Fraud Detection and IP Geolocation

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Experience seamless integration between GoECart ecommerce solution and MaxMind, the industry-leading provider of geo location and online fraud detection tools. Get precise data about your customers, improve customer service, and grow sales with confidence. Combat credit cared fraud in highly intelligent new ways.

Address Credit Card Fraud Intelligently with MaxMind minFraud

Do better than traditional fraud screening tools that can only determine if a credit card is legitimate or if the user-entered account information matches those on record. Approach credit card fraud screening in a more intelligent way. Accurately detect and automatically flag attempted fraud from "card not present" transactions. Examine online transactions from various angles to make better-informed decisions.

Reduce Your Fraud Risk Through Advanced Fraud Detection

Employ MaxMind's tools that are not only geared towards verifying the authenticity of the credit card details used for the purchase, but rather, identifying if the purchaser is the legitimate card holder. Run MaxMind's analysis and identify traits and patterns that are associated with fraudulent orders. Ask better questions via MaxMind to provide your e-commerce businesses with the necessary information to detect fraudulent orders before payments are processed.

Pinpoint the Location of Your Internet Customers with Amazing Precision

Locate your customers with greater precision than ever before. Put MaxMind's ground-breaking geo location technology, GeoIP®, to work for your online business. Accurately pinpoint the location of Internet customers and visitors by country and geographic region. Experience a non-invasive way to determine geographical and other key information about your Internet visitors. Automatically determine the country, region, city, postal code, area code your site visitors are coming from. Dig deeper with information like longitude/latitude, connection speed, ISP, company name, domain name, and whether the IP address is an anonymous proxy or satellite provider.

Leverage MaxMind to Enhance Your Fulfillment Strategy

Leverage MaxMind's highly sophisticated, user-centric geo location algorithms run using millions of datasets to identify, extract, and extrapolate location points for IP addresses. Use this data to enhance your ecommerce strategy, streamline shipping, and improve customer service. Deliver localized content and/or create custom delivery programs for order fulfillment.

Get Better Data to Deliver a More Personalized User Experience

Create targeted ads. Get enhanced web log statistics. Manage digital content rights and regulatory compliance better. In fact, you may already be using GeoIP without realizing it. MaxMind's GeoIP technology has been integrated by many ecommerce solution partners (including GoECart!) for ad-serving, fraud screening, web analytics, firewall/spam protection, and anti-phishing/anti-identity theft applications

To learn more about how to get better data about your customers and combat fraud with MaxMind, please contact your GoECart Sales Representative at (877)-243-3612 (Toll Free).