Endicia (USPS) Integration Provide World Class USPS® Shipping at Substantially Reduced Rates

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Handle your domestic ecommerce postage needs the easy way with Endicia®, an approved licensed vendor of the United States Postal Service® (USPS). Get real-time, U.S. postal services on demand through feature-rich web services. Speed up order fulfillment. Reduce manual errors related to shipping. Improve customer service. Let your customers track their order delivery status in real-time. Take advantage of Endicia Internet Postage to substantially lower USPS shipping rates.

Get Real-Time Postage Rates for USPS Shipping

Calculate postage and fees in real time. Get real-time postage rates for various USPS shipping methods. Select different shipping types and services—like delivery confirmation, signature confirmation, return receipt and electronic return receipt. Enjoy the flexibility to choose shipping options and optional services before calculating final cost and creating the labels.

Generate Shipping Labels On Demand

Eliminate the fuss factor from the generation of shipping labels. Create real-time shipping labels on the fly. Leverage various options available for label creation. Create labels for all the items in the order or for some selected items and quantities. Opt to display your company name, postage price, and comments on the label. Print labels on inkjet, laser, and thermal printers. Experience precise control over the number of items and packages that you ship.

Automate Shipping Operations for Improved Customer Service

Automate shipping operations with advanced features like integrated label image, (stealth) postage, verified delivery/return addresses, service barcodes, delivery confirmation, signature confirmation, certified mail, Express Mail, customs numbers, and more. Get Mailing Address Verification through Endicia's Dial-A-ZIP™ patented address verification process. Verify and correct common address errors using the US Postal Service address database (both business and residential) right from the GoECart order screen before any shipment leaves your warehouse.

Void Shipments Easily

Void shipments and cancel labels for a refund on postage easily. If your customer cancels an order after the label is generated and before you send the shipment, you can cancel the order and request a refund of the postage paid right the Admin Panel.

Get Started in a Snap

Sign up for an account with Endicia right from the GoECart Admin Panel. Experience a simple and hassle free registration process. Enter account information received from Endicia into GoECart, buy postage from Endicia, and you are ready to generate shipping labels. Once a label is generated, you paste it on the shipping package, and the package is ready for shipping. Since the postage is pre-paid, you do not have to wait to get the postage from USPS. Track the progress of your package and its delivery schedule online at www.USPS.com.

Qualify for Special Cost Savings from USPS

GoECart merchants are eligible for free delivery confirmation as well as discounts on signature confirmation and Priority International Mail.