Complete Reporting and Dashboards Reap the Benefits and Rewards of Data-Driven Decision Making

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Understand your business better. Gain key business insight using our comprehensive reporting capabilities. Generate a wide variety of reports. Get reports on demand—about orders, inventory, customers, and website traffic. Get the complete picture of your online store’s activity.

Understand Ecommerce and Sales Activity

Obtain a detailed summary of products sold, the quantity, and the amount of sales by time period via the Sales Report. Closely monitor the overall activity of your store with the Store Activity Report. Get details on the transactions taking place anytime, on demand. Analyze trends for any time frame — daily, weekly, monthly, you name it. Obtain vital statistics about customers and orders.

Manage Orders and Inventory Better

Receive the full details about shipping and tax amounts charged to orders via the Shipping and Tax Report. Analyze trends. Serve customers better and in real time. Get a real-time status of inventory status of your online storefront with the Inventory Report. Ensure your most popular items remain in stock. Replenish low stock items before inventory runs out.

Evaluate Customers and Merchandise On-Demand

Collect intelligence about customers who have repeatedly placed orders on your storefront via the Repeat Customers Report. Offer incentives and rewards to your best customers. View keywords that customers use to search for products on the site via the Searched Terms Report. Ascertain the most searched items on your store. Optimize product content for greater accessibility—and more sales.

Reward Affiliate Referrals

Display a report containing orders placed using the affiliate codes. Leverage the power of GoECart’s inventive affiliate program features. Reward affiliates. Grow referral business and generate sales.

Analyze Trends in Website Traffic

FTally the number of visits to your online store. Know where customers are coming from. Get the scoop regarding web page visits, traffic sources, and referrer keywords.

Get Rich Integration with Google Analytics

Improve your results even further. Enjoy rich integration with Google Analytics. Write better ads, strengthen your marketing initiatives, and create higher-converting website. Gain rich insights into your website visitors with Advanced Segmentation, Custom Reporting, Motion Charts, and more.

Visualize and Track Trends with Interactive Web-based Performance Dashboards

GoECart gives you the tools you need to drive your business more efficiently--with drillable charts and graphs, heat maps, actionable KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and more. Spot trends easily and align activities with key business goals. Let GoECart's web-based dashboards make a difference in your business, without great effort on your part.

Generate Custom Reports and Dashboards

Create custom reports to your specific business requirements. Leverage a large array of criteria for custom report and dashboard generation.

Export to Microsoft® Excel®

Export report data to Microsoft® Excel® for further analysis. Leverage the additional reporting capabilities in Excel. Export Excel data to other systems. Use the tools already in place to manage your web business.