Technical Infrastructure GoECart Tier-1 Ecommerce Hosting Infrastructure

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GoECart Tier-1 Ecommerce Hosting Infrastructure

Core Capabilities

Acting as an extension of the organization's IT department, GoECart utilizes best-of-breed providers in all components of its infrastructure. The company employs N+1 redundant configuration strategies in all power and network components. Through its state-of-the-art, fault-tolerant Operations Data Center, GoECart offers 24 X 365 world-class customer support with the technology needed to scale complex environments in a timely, secure and cost effective manner. Highly available and scalable solutions, coupled with an unwavering commitment to customer support and satisfaction, comprise the GoECart advantage. We are a flexible, nimble company that can develop and customize a solution to address specific customer and market needs.

Burstable Bandwidth

GoECart 10/100 Ethernet connections to the IDC backbone have bandwidth burstable to 100 Mbps. Bandwidth is indicative of how fast data flows across a given transmission path. Bandwidth is directly proportional to the amount of data transmitted or received over time. In a qualitative sense, bandwidth is proportional to the complexity of the data for a given level of system performance.

Availability Monitoring

This service includes monitoring each physical server for resource utilization, workload distribution, and service operation. The primary services that we monitor are operating system and database availability. In the event of a problem, GoECart will automatically respond to threshold limits using our pre-defined service matrix. We will attempt to automatically recover from most error conditions and we will notify customers of any error conditions requiring intervention on their infrastructure.

Internet Data Center (IDC) Infrastructure

Physical Security

GoECart's integrated security approach ensures that our customers' equipment and data are protected at all times with multiple levels of security protection. Dedicated security personnel monitor controlled access at the building perimeter and within the data center. Proximity card readers and video surveillance systems monitor and control access within the facility. Especially sensitive areas such the IDC floor, are additionally protected by biometric readers. Throughout the state-of-the-art facility, 52 video surveillance cameras, motion sensors and biometric identification systems create a fortress-like environment. Each proximity badge is matched to an individual fingerprint. All video surveillance, proximity and biometrical readers' data are monitored from the central security office. Data Center employs bonded Security staff for 24x365 physical security management.

Network Security

As a charter member of the Center for Internet Security, Data Center implements and helps develop security standards for the Internet. We employ stringent security and privacy policies based on auditing standards, industry best practices and TruSecure recommendations. Cisco Managed Security Services recently recognized Data Center' SecurityKore™ team and services among the most trusted leaders in the data and network security space. Data Center denies any unnecessary protocols. Business rules on TCP and/or UDP ports are strictly enforced, thereby allowing limited access required to perform necessary business functions. Remote access for management purposes is only allowed for authorized individuals through 3DES encrypted VPN sessions. Data Center has successfully passed and found in full compliance with the most rigorous security audits from TruSecure and was awarded TruSecure's certification for service providers. Also received SAS70 certification (by Ernst & Young), one of the most stringent and widely recognized auditing standards for service companies. SAS70 is the authoritative guidance that allows service organizations to disclose their control activities and processes to their customers and their customers' auditors in a uniform reporting format.

Floor Space

The IDC is equipped with 18-inch raised floors. All electrical outlets are 14 inches off the raised ground under the raised floor. The network connection cables are located in overhead cable trays and are never run under the floor. The distributed weight limit is rated at 1,200 pounds per square foot. These limitations can be easily increased with the installation of additional corner support stations.

Power Supply

Our Wappingers Falls (New York) Data Center (IDC) is designed with full N+1 redundancy-at any time each component is connected with multiple power and networking connections. The IDC power design is based on multiple and fully divergent power grids and substations, N+N Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), N+1 generator backup, and N+1 generator feeds to the building. IDC has a highly available electrical infrastructure. Our electrical system is built on a tiered electrical system:

  • 2 In house electrical sub-stations
  • 2 Separate Power Grids
  • 4 Individual 500KW UPS
  • 2 2MW Diesel Generators
  • 3000 Gallons of Fuel per Generator
  • 100-Gallon Per/Hour Burn

Cooling Systems

The IDC cooling system is a closed loop, glycol based system that includes:

  • 4-750 Ton HVAC cooling towers supported by 5-600KW chillier pumps.
  • 23 air handlers, 4 with humidification systems.
  • Each unit is provided cold water (approximately 43 degrees Fahrenheit), which circulates through a heat exchange unit, moving cold air under the IDC floor.

Fire Protection and Suppression

A Fire Protection System is in place at the Wappingers Falls (NY) IDC. This system monitors all the smoke detectors throughout the building. If a smoke detector is activated, the specific location of the incident is displayed on unit monitors located within the Security Command Center, Network Operations Center, IDC and offsite Central Station. Additionally, police and fire departments are less than a mile away from the building. Additionally, there are multiple fire extinguishers mounted throughout the IDC.

Network Environment

GoECart network environment has been built as a fault tolerant network, which provides divergent routes and multiple connections in networking cable, via multi-homed Synchronous Optical Network Technology ("SONET") rings. This setup establishes a Necessary + 1 ("N+ 1") redundancy. All network devices are, at a minimum, N + 1 redundant. Our self-healing wide area network and fully redundant, high-speed local area network infrastructure (Fast Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet) provide our customers with network solutions that are secure, highly reliable and have virtually limitless scalability. As a carrier-neutral provider, IDC is currently interconnected and peering with national and international Tier 1 and Tier 2 carriers.

PCI DSS Compliance

PCI DSS compliance is a complex chain of responsibilities involving your processes, applications and service providers to ensure that your cardholder-related transactions are secure. GoECart has completed the required procedures to validate compliance with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), the best practices designed to protect merchants and consumers from data security breaches and fraud.