Multiple-Address Shipping and Checkout Fast and Easy

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Offer Multiple-Address Shipping and Checkout to Multiply Sales

Make it a cinch for customers to purchase from your storefront AND ship to multiple addresses with our intuitive Multiple-Address Checkout feature. Give them the option to send each item to one or many recipients. Better yet, empower shoppers to send items to multiple addresses during checkout, and watch your profits soar! With GoECart Multiple-Address Checkout, you will maximize profits, increase customer retention, and drive repeat business.

Provide a Fast and Stress-Free Gift Giving Experience

Become a favorite gift giving destination. Offer a multiple-address checkout feature that is ideal for both business and personal gifts. Make it simple for customers to send many gifts during a single transaction and ring up additional sales. Enable business customers to send gifts to many clients and colleagues gifts simultaneously. Save shoppers time during peak gifting periods like the holidays and watch them come back every year. Let customers add personalized gift messages and gift wrap to add that intimate touch to each gift.

Give Your Customers the Ultimate Freedom of Choice

Give your customers the multiple-address options they crave. Let them opt to select Single or Multiple Address Checkout, adjust quantities, or add / remove items from right inside the shopping cart. Reduce customer service calls by allowing customers to update their cart any time during the checkout process. Customers can also set event reminders as well as apply gift certificates, promotion codes, and loyalty points - just like they do on the top retail sites.

Encourage Repeat Business with Stored Address Book and Order History

Make it easy for shoppers to ship to more addresses concurrently with our intuitive address book feature. Give them the capability to build their own address book for frequent destinations and watch them return to your site often. Allow them to verify and correct new addresses using all popular carrier databases.

Enjoy the Ultimate in Fulfillment and Delivery Flexibility

Offer a more intelligent approach to shipping and fulfillment. Customers can enter payment information just once and process multi-destination orders as a single payment transaction. Offer our "Intelligent Shipping Calculation" technology and let shoppers pick their preferred delivery date and then automatically calculate shipping costs in real-time from all popular carriers like FedEx®, UPS® and USPS®. GoECart calculates all of the required details like ship date, delivery date, sales tax, and even transit time allowed for perishable items like flowers, meats, fruits, etc.

Get Powerful Back Office Capabilities Too

Leverage our enterprise-grade order and inventory management capabilities for efficient and accurate processing of even the most complex orders. Power your multi-destination back office with our robust workflow engine. Process all individual orders and send a single consolidated shipment tracking email with tracking information for all orders shipped that day to the customer. Empower your customer service teams to quickly process large bulk orders by importing a spreadsheet with full control over SKUs, recipients, price, gift messages, etc. Enable your warehouse and production staff to quickly see upcoming orders based on ship date, rather than the traditional order date.