Product Configuration and Guided Selling Allow Users to Easily Configure, Price and Buy Complex Products Online

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Maximize Sales with Intuitive Visual Product Configurator

Give shoppers the ability to visualize and configure your products, even complex ones that previously required expert help and staff interaction, and watch your sales and profits soar. Build customer loyalty by capitalizing on this exciting new trend in custom selling. Let customers to add or subtract features to products or build entirely custom components from scratch. Upgrade customer satisfaction and eliminate invalid orders by giving customers precisely what they want—how and when they want it. Get it all right within the GoECart solution with its integrated product catalog with real-time inventory. No need to buy pricey third party software to offer these capabilities and best of all no integration needed.

Increase Customer Satisfaction with Wizard-like Guided Selling Interface

Impress your web and mobile shoppers by allowing them to visually customize products on the storefront. Tailor product add-ons and options according to specific pre-defined rules. Use the same technology to let customers assemble custom kits and build product bundles. Impress customers as GoECart automatically does the work to adjust pricing accordingly—dynamically and in real time. Leverage product customization to offer completely customized products for nearly any B2B or B2C use cases such as build your own computer, assemble a display booth with the correct parts, fill a case of wine, or assemble a gift basket. Transform your products data and business rules into fully customized offerings for your customers and watch satisfaction rates soar.

Allows Users to Easily Configure, Price and Buy Complex Products Online

Help your customers make buying decisions that are the most relevant for them. Guide them step by step to making the right selection that ensures the highest degree of satisfaction. Eliminate invalid orders. Set pricing according to your business rules. Grow your revenues while lowering sales, marketing, and customer service costs. Lead your customers to a purchase decision based on their specific needs and build loyalty. Use your sales team's know-how to educate customers about the product options right on screen to make the most of upselling and cross selling opportunities.


  • Similar to, enable your customers to self-configure, price and purchase a computer based on their need to use it for home or business, compatible with mac or windows, select memory upgrades, hard disk size, extra peripherals like software, printers, etc.
  • Assist a soccer coach to quickly purchase the uniform with individual size and personalized jerseys for each member of her team using a single checkout workflow
  • Enable B2B field sales reps to quickly configure and place custom machinery orders using real-time parts inventory and pricing to multiple customer locations using multi-destination checkout.