Web Analytics and Performance Dashboards Measure and Optimize Your Success

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Understand the customer experience on your site. Achieve more sales. Get answers to important questions like: What are your site visitors doing? Where are they coming from? How much time are they spending on your site? What are they buying most often? When are they leaving? Why are they leaving? Leverage data and key performance indicators (KPI) to adjust your marketing campaigns for greater return on investment.

Integrate with the Heavy Hitters of Web Analysis

Outfit your enterprise with advanced ecommerce analytics. Make better-informed decisions that can be converted into profit. Leverage our partnership with leading web analytics and monitoring solution providers like AlertraSM, Google Analytics, NetTracker®, Omniture, Unica®, WebMetrics® and others. Optimize your return on investment and fuel organizational growth.

Get Unfettered Access to High-Powered Server Side Web Analytics

Combine a dedicated instance of NetTracker Enterprise with GoECart. Gain key insights about your web traffic with NetTracker's enterprise-level solution. Generate vital statistics about your web site. Optimize your efforts towards revenue-generating areas. Track your ecommerce site's performance from anywhere on the web.

Executive Dashboard:

Understand Visitors in Depth

Understand visitor behavior better. Consolidate cryptic web log data about your site visitors into easy-to-read, highly intuitive reports. Make strategic decisions about how to best optimize the user experience. Track site visits more intelligently. Receive both high-level and granular data. Get vital statistics, such as shopping cart abandonment rates. Learn more about the ways visitors navigate your site—entry pages, exit pages, search terms used, and more. Track the number of unique, new, and repeated visitors. View reports for specific timeframes—including day, week, month, quarter, and year. Conduct complete click stream analyses.

Visitor Summary:

Track Campaigns More Effectively

Understand the online marketing campaigns run by your enterprise more effectively. Find out what’s working and what’s not. Obtain reports comparing revenue results from specific campaigns, such as pay per click (PPC) keyword campaigns, media buys and organic search engine listings. Receive a clear view of revenue-to-expense ratios for all your campaigns. Get the key campaign-tracking details mandatory for enterprises involved in serious ecommerce.

Campaign Summary:

Analyze Data More Effectively

Get the right data and convert it into human-friendly format easily. Customize reports with only the data you want in just a few clicks. Export data to other applications easily and anytime. Analyze data using other systems in your enterprise as well as NetTracker.

Get Reports for Key Business Functions

Generate reports for various departments and roles across the enterprise. Get a technical analysis for your IT department and generate campaign reports for your Marketing team. Create special reports and dashboards for executives with business statistics like visitor repeat rate, most referred page of the site, most referred exit page in the site, and more.

Traffic Dashboard:

Take the Analysis Even Further with Google and Yahoo!

Enjoy the added benefits derived from our rich and robust integration with Google Web Analytics and Yahoo Search Marketing Conversion Tracking.

Visualize and Track Trends with Interactive Performance and Executive Dashboards

Drive your business more efficiently. Visualize and track key ecommerce measures more intelligently with GoECart’s Web-based dashboards. Choose from a variety of dashboard types, including drillable charts and graphs, heat maps, and actionable KPIs (key performance indicators). Spot trends easily and align activities with key business goals. Let GoECart's web-based dashboards make a difference in your business decision making, with minimum effort on your part.

Generate Custom Reports and Dashboard Views Easily

Get a superior business performance dashboard capability that is a cut above the competition. Create custom reports to your specific business requirements. Leverage a large array of criteria for custom report and dashboard generation. Segment data using a pre-defined date range or choose custom date ranges. View graphical dashboards for top customers, customers by geography, sales by geography, average order value (AOV), top search terms, repeat orders, orders by status, orders by vendor, and more.