McAfee Secure / HACKER SAFE Certification Safeguard Your Online Sales with HACKER SAFE®

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Increase Your Sales by 14% with McAfee Secure (formerly ScanAlert HACKER SAFE®)

Experience the benefits that come with being HACKER SAFE®®. Did you know that more than 500 online retailers conducted individual sales analyses in which half their visitors could see the HACKER SAFE certification mark and half (the control group) could not. Based on the buying behavior of over 20 million unique visitors, these retailers had a 14.2% average increase in orders from McAfee Secure certification

Display the HACKER SAFE certification mark to increase sales by increasing shopper confidence. Build your brand with the security seal seen on more top sites than any other.

  • Used by over 75,000 websites
  • Seen on over half of the Internet TOP 500 (as reported in Internet Retailer Magazine)
  • Proven in over 500 studies to outperform other seals
  • Boosts your Google ranking with over 100 million cross-links

Display the McAfee Secure / HACKER SAFE Seal on Your Storefront

Display the HACKER SAFE certification mark to tell the world you pass McAfee’s rigorous daily security scans. Reduce the liability of hackers, identity theft, and credit card theft. Earn trust and new customers with HACKER SAFE certification.

Build the trust that builds your business. Certify your security from hackers and translate security efforts into increased sales. Reap the rewards of significant increases in online orders widely reported by the trade media.

Adhere to the Highest Standards

Leverage the only security scanning technology that meets both the U.S. government's benchmark FBI/SANS security test and the security audits of all major credit card companies:

  • Visa™ - CISP and AIS
  • MasterCard™ - SDP
  • American Express™ - CID
  • Discover Card™ - DISC

McAfee Secure certification is subscription-based. It does not require any special expertise, hardware, software or plug-ins. HACKER SAFE’s daily certification audit is non-invasive, completely safe for your servers, and absolutely compelling to your customers.

For information on adding HACKER SAFE® service to your GoECart store, please contact us directly.