Experience Smarter Omni-Channel Inventory Management

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Accomplish Intelligent Cross Channel Inventory Orchestration

Get precise real-time inventory visibility all the way from the supplier to the end consumer and everywhere in between. Ensure online, physical store, m-commerce (mobile commerce), online storefronts, marketplaces, and call center inventories are in synch. Get an enterprise-grade supply chain solution that operates in a reliable manner without the complexity or maintenance overhead. Take into account all crucial operational considerations (pricing, profitability, availability, velocity, etc.) around inventory to the delight of your customers and staff. Experience what Terry Lundgren, chairman, president and CEO of Macy's Inc., recently referred to as at a major retail conference as “inventory optimization through technology.”

Obtain Global Optimum Inventory Visibility Across Fulfillment Locations and Channels

Know where every unit of merchandise is located across all your fulfillment locations, sales channels, and third parties. Peer into warehouses, 3PL, eMarketplaces, web store, drop ship vendors and physical store shelves to get a complete and accurate picture of product availability. Get a real-time view of inventory at each stocking location—from order through return. Ensure that order, inventory and fulfillment operations jive. Leverage a single data source to get an accurate picture of what’s in the warehouse, in transit, and on order. Achieve intelligent “omni-channel order fulfillment” using central brokering and real-time data about each inventory location, capability to fulfill and intelligent order sourcing.

Customize Each Channel to Improve the User Experience

The cookie cutter approach simply just doesn’t “cut” it when it comes to omni-channel or multichannel inventory management. With GoECart 360, you can customize each channel with the unique attributes that provide the most value to the consumer. Get granular control to provide custom displays and “available to promise” capabilities that let you sell most effectively even on strict marketplaces like Amazon®, Amazon FBA, eBay®, etc. Give customers the information they need to make sales decisions at the channel level and increase your profitability.

Eliminate Inventory Confusion to Reduce Costs and Provide Better Customer Service

Speaking of customers, GoECart 360 omni-channel inventory management lets you eliminate confusion at the point of sale, which can arise from disconnections among sales orders, fulfillment systems ,and partners— especially if the merchant doesn’t own or readily stock the item themselves. Empower your store associates to rapidly check system-wide availability and locate items easily. Accept and process returns with confidence. Make products available to shoppers for delivery or same day pickup at the store. Reduce markdown costs and inventory write-offs by enabling some misallocated items to be sold, either online or in marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. Enable “Ship from Store” programs by allowing store inventory items to fulfill online orders, whether or not fulfillment center inventories are depleted.

Increase Business Agility and Responsiveness using a Cloud Based Solution

Leverage the cloud to get up-to-the-minute information about store inventories. Ensure items available on store shelves are available for sale — even if they are “sold out” at the warehouse and distribution centers. Keep all available stock visible on the web site and marketplaces to foster greater sell-through. Accurately promise product availability, ship date, pickup or delivery date even before a customer places an order, respond quickly to demand, and integrate data from trading partners via a flexible and adaptable cloud supply chain platform.