Supply Chain Supply chain logistics are a whole new ballgame in a unified commerce environment

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Why is inventory management more important now than ever before?

In a unified commerce world, back office functions like inventory management and shipping have become customer-facing applications. Traditional brick-and-mortar stores were basically self-service. If your store had the item the customer wants at the right price, then you could pretty much be guaranteed to make the sale. Your inventory management system (IMS) was a back office function, typically updated after store closing. Your logistics, shipping and supply chain were invisible to the customer.

However, omnichannel commerce has changed everything; a true omnichannel ecommerce platform, that supports a robust multichannel IMS platform — or even better, includes a fully integrated omnichannel IMS platform like GoECart 360 does — puts the customer in charge and makes inventory a customer facing function. Today, if supported by a fully integrated omnichannel ecommerce platform your customer can use their device of choice to access your inventory availability across channels, and makes decisions about personalization and other value-added services.

Logistics, inventory management, warehousing, shipping are all crucial supply chain functions

The last thing you want is for your customer to abandon their shopping cart due to non-transparency of inventory or shipping costs. Showing stock levels assures the customer of product availability and can also provide a sense of urgency to purchase the item.

Shipping and tax are usually added at the very end of the checkout process. The additional costs can sometimes cause your customer cancel the sale. A good omnichannel IMS platform can eliminate both sales barriers by making the entire purchase transparent to the customer. With a truly multichannel IMS platform, your customer is insured that the particular item they selected online is sourced from all distribution points and will be shipped to them at the date and price shown. A multichannel IMS platform can integrate your online store with your warehouses and distribution centers so that each order is picked, packed, and shipped to the customer as quickly as possible.

By leveraging GoEcart’s unified commerce platform, SMB companies are able to consolidate inventory and order management systems, maximize revenues and streamline operations And you can do all of this while providing your customer better information to make purchase decisions through a variety of distribution channels. Your inventory management and order management systems will stretch beyond the web storefront and include online marketplaces, brick-and-mortar locations, kiosks, 3rd party online stores, comparison shopping engines, and more.

What you need to conduct truly unified commerce

Today’s SMB business needs an omnichannel ecommerce platform with a full-featured IMS built in and ready to go. With GoECart, you can improve your logistics management with real-time data on inventory, suppliers, procurement and gain complete visibility into supply and demand across the length and breadth of your supply chain. With this degree of integrated back office functionality, you can more easily streamline your global supply chain operations with an eye on efficiency and customer service. While improving your inventory management across multiple channels to offer better service to customers, partners, and vendors you’ll be able to see exactly where potential snags in your supply chain could impact future sales and work them out before they become an issue.