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M-Commerce Simplified: Mobile without the Trouble

April 21, 2015. This date will go down in history among retailers as Google’s Mobilegeddon.

Granted, we all knew before that date how important it is to have a mobile-friendly site, especially if that site is a venue for mobile commerce. It’s just an obvious fact of modern life – you can’t go anywhere in public without seeing people using the web on their smart phones.

The stats back this up, especially when it comes to m-commerce. 55% of all time spent on retail websites happens on a mobile device. And 80% of mobile users report that time spent on a mobile channel influenced their decision to buy, whether or not that purchase was eventually made on the mobile device.

Still, many busy e-commerce companies have had “make the website more friendly for mobile commerce” on the to-do list for some time. They’ve put it off in favor of more pressing priorities. However, now that Google has upped the ante, companies are scrambling to improve their m-commerce – and for good reason!

According to the Wall Street Journal, “traffic to non-mobile-friendly websites from Google mobile searches fell 12% in the two months after the changes on April 21 took effect . . . Ahead of the change, Google said it would favor sites that looked good on small screens, used bigger text and separated links so that they are easier to tap.”

Stone Temple Consulting (STC) found that 15,220 non-mobile friendly sites lost their rank in search rankings, 8,698 non-mobile friendly site were replaced by mobile-friendly sites on the search rankings, and 2,002 new mobile-friendly URLS appeared in the STC rankings.

What does all this mean?

It means it’s official! Your business can’t afford to have a website that isn’t optimized for mobile commerce.

E-Commerce Mobile Integration: Where to Start?

Whether your site dropped in search rankings since Mobilegeddon or you just want to increase your site’s mobile-friendliness for m-commerce, making these improvements is an investment that will pay off.

GoECart customer, Wholesale Accessory Market, saw a 300% increase in mobile sales alone since last year and their conversions doubled during that time period. Another GoECart customer, 11th Street Coffee, went live with a mobile-friendly website recently and saw immediate positive results: Mobile sessions increased 40% and mobile revenues went up in double digits, almost instantly.

However, it is important to remember that when you are optimizing your site for mobile commerce, some approaches are certainly better (and more lucrative) than others.

Rather than going to a digital marketing firm and having your site redesigned for mobile, we encourage you to get in touch with our team to find out how GoECart can make your site function beautifully on mobile devices, while offering you the intense functionality of our unified commerce platform. We guarantee this route will revolutionize the way you do business.

Why implement a costly partial mobile commerce integration solution when you can implement a complete unified commerce solution?

While you’re making changes, why not change every aspect of your business for the better and make this year your company’s best year yet? 78% of businesses say they are aiming to adopt a unified commerce approach within the next 5 years, so it is important to keep in step!

At GoECart, we help retailers achieve exceptional growth by providing one unified commerce platform that allows them to accomplish mobile integration as well as cross-channel marketing, advanced inventory management (IMS), strategic shopping cart functionality, high-level customer relationship management (CRM), warehousing, order management, multi-channel fulfillment, reporting and analytics, in-store POS, and so much more – all from a single, seamlessly integrated dashboard.

We invite you to imagine the intense growth potential of implementing a fully integrated system. Our team would love to walk you through our complete solution that will have your company operating on par with e-commerce leaders.

To learn more, contact GoECart. Our team would love to discuss how our platform can streamline your business, cut your costs, increase sales, improve customer experiences, and – of course – make your site more friendly for mobile commerce!