Multi-Channel Marketing

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How to Master Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi-channel marketing. The first thing most businesspeople think of when they hear this term is “communications across more than one social media channel.” While this is certainly part of it, multi-channel selling and communications is about so much more.

To make the most of available sales opportunities and audiences in a world where nearly everyone is connected by the internet, multi-channel retailing operations need to deliver customers with just the right message in just the right place at just the right time. That means every aspect of your business needs to be integrated into one system, so you can respond to customer actions and needs anywhere they arise in real-time.

Mastering multi-channel marketing means you are currently:

  • Connecting with customers on their terms – whether that be the type of device used, the communications channel chosen, the parameters of message delivery, or the interests expressed in the delivered communications.
  • Gaining and consolidating insight into your customers based on their actions across multiple channels. Modern customers interact with your company in a wide variety of ways and it is critical that you understand their behavior across all channels. You may have tons of data on your customers, but if that information is not integrated into a single-view, it is essentially useless.
  • Automating workflow and logical decision-making, so your system will deliver the right messaging in response to certain actions taken by customers.
  • Achieving world-class segmentation. Group customers according to similar qualities and preferences, then deliver them with messaging that is appropriate for those characteristics to help your brand reach new levels of audience engagement.
  • Optimizing your sites and product pages for the right search terms across all channels to attract highly qualified organic traffic. You don’t need a high-priced digital marketing agency to accomplish this. Many search engine optimization (SEO) functions can be automated if you choose the right e-commerce platform.
  • Ensuring the customer experience is consistent across all channels. Many customers will interact with your brand in more ways than one.
  • Announce exciting offers, sales, and discounts at just the right time. Plan these in advance to be offered to all customers or just certain customer groups. Or offer these discounts in response to certain customer behaviors.
  • Suggestive selling additional merchandise on key website locations and in shopping carts. Because, hey – if they’re buying hats, there’s a good chance they also need mittens!
  • Properly nurturing relationships. Giants like Amazon have set the bar high. Your customers expect that level of personalization and attention-to-detail – nothing else is acceptable. Court customers by providing them with information that is appropriate to their interests and position in the sales cycle. Deliver enticing offers and messaging when it counts.
  • Reaching many more potential customers by tapping into additional sales channels, media, and devices.
  • Amplifying the power of social sharing by allowing customers to share information from your company, great content, deals, products, and wish lists with other members of their online social networks (who often tend to have similar product preferences).
  • Building consumer confidence with product reviews. Today’s customers often look to product reviews to decide whether or not to purchase a product. Build a strong collection of reviews by inviting customers to review products after every purchase is received.
  • Taking advantage of social bookmarking. Tumblr, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Digg, and so many other social bookmarking sites represent a tremendous opportunity to have your brand be discovered by new customers.
  • Using social media to the fullest. If you can create a strong plan, outstanding content, and a cohesive, responsive, automated social media messaging system, you can achieve maximum levels of customer engagement.
  • Taking e-mail marketing to the next level. Send highly personalized e-mail communications to customer subgroups and watch your click-through and conversion rates soar.
  • Never missing opportunities to cross-sell or upsell products in appropriate situations.

Simplify Marketing when you’re in Multi-Channel Retailing

If you haven’t fully integrated your multi-channel e-commerce systems, the mastery points listed above may seem completely daunting and unrealistic.

But fear not!

You can accomplish all of these goals – and so much more – by implementing a single, robust multi-channel retailing platform. GoECart allows you to manage every aspect of your business anytime, anywhere, from one intuitive dashboard. The system makes it easy to accomplish all the multi-channel marketing goals described above in addition to all necessary omni-channel e-commerce functions like inventory management, shopping carts, CRM, warehousing, order management, reporting and analytics, and more.

Contact us to find out how GoECart can cut your costs, boosts your margins, and increase your sales.